Court orders diesel driving bans in Cologne and Bonn

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The cities of Cologne and Bonn have to introduce due to high air pollution beginning in April 2019 and driving bans for older diesel vehicles. This is the Cologne administrative court decided, after a lawsuit brought by the German environmental aid.

On the one million city of Cologne and the neighboring city of Bonn, the far-reaching restrictions on older diesel cars to come to a judgment of the administrative court of Cologne. From April next year, Cologne had to introduce in the existing environmental Green zone, a driving ban, ruled the court. This relates to diesel cars with Euro-4 engines.

From September 2019 to, the ban should also cover diesel vehicles with Euro-5 engines. The goal is, the limit values for nitrogen dioxide are observed. In the neighbouring Bonn to be locked according to the judgment, two busy streets for older diesel cars from April 2019. Against the judgments of appeal.

The German environmental aid (DUH) had complained of a Change in the air quality plans in Cologne and Bonn. In the Cathedral city of the EU exceeded the threshold for the harmful nitrogen dioxide (NO2)- instead of the allowed 40 micro-grams per cubic meter in the annual average, there were 2017 up to 62 micrograms. In Bonn, the value was up to 47 micrograms. From the point of view of the DUH bans are the only effective means to get the air pollution under control.

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Driving prohibitions:
In these German cities Diesel are undesirable

The verdict is another defeat for the Federal government. Their explicit goal is to avoid driving bans. For other large cities – including Berlin – had dishes arranged such actions or. Also from their point of view, it is by other means is not possible, to reduce nitrogen oxide pollution of the air quickly.

The DUH continues with the judgment of your success in court. In Stuttgart and Berlin restrictions for the driver to come from older diesel cars in 2019. In Mainz, the administration does not have to take such measures in the autumn of 2019, if the Situation improves before.

Cities fight back

Other cities, such as Frankfurt, not to fight back against the court judgments or put – such as Munich – easy. In Hamburg, the administration had imposed a Diesel Car ban on driving on a road.

The judgments are a result of the exhaust gas scandal. The car manufacturer sold millions of diesel vehicles, the cleaning of their exhaust gases only in the case of official Tests on the test bench effectively. In normal traffic, your exhaust gas cleaning systems work to happen, however, is totally inadequate.

With a lot of small-sized cleaning systems for the car industry saved billions of Euro in the auto industry – at the expense of the health of city residents. Such engineered diesel cars are in high level with the poor air quality in many German cities.

Car manufacturer block retrofit

The car manufacturers will refuse to, however, the dirty cars to take back and refund the purchase price. Until today, she build such models even more. Also, Opel, BMW and co. block the retrofitting with better catalysts.

The Federal government has covered – at least partly – illegal activities for a long time or looked away. You went from autumn 2015, however, by investigations in the USA and growing criticism from environmentalists, such as the DUH is increasingly under pressure.

To avoid a driving ban, don’t want to change the Grand coalition now, on the one hand, laws that low limit values are exceeded, driving is prohibited. On the other hand, Berlin has agreed with the car industry is special discounts for those affected holder, give your old Diesel in payment and a new car to buy.

In addition, Hardware upgrades are supposed to be better catalysts, however, still possible. The driver of the converted diesel cars to be exempt from the entrance to the lock. On Thursday, Federal Minister of transport, Andreas Scheuer (CSU) – negotiated with top managers from the industry about the topic.

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