Court stops Expansion of the A20 is illegal

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The Expansion of the A20 in Schleswig-Holstein, has been delayed because the Federal administrative court looks at the water and the protection of species at risk. The judgment is not the only Problem with the highway builders.

The construction of the motorway a 20 in the state of Schleswig-Holstein has been delayed. The Federal administrative court in Leipzig declared the so-called plan-approval decision for a part of the A7 to Witten born close to Bad Segeberg for “unlawful and unenforceable”. The judges have mainly water and species protection concerns.

A sticking point is the European water legislation. The Review of the so-called water law non-Deterioration by the planners remain considerably behind the requirements, it said. The fish fauna in the highway construction affected waters is not been sufficiently evaluated. In detail: such As the chloride pollution by de-icing salt develop, was set out in the hearing, at the beginning of November in Leipzig.

Winter quarters for bats could be threatened

Types of protective legal error saw the judge, especially in relation to the bat-winter quarters “Segeberger lime mountain caves”. The Europe-wide significance, 30,000 animals wintered there. The impact of the construction of the highway would need to be examined in an impact assessment, criticised the Senate.

Had sued the environmental associations BUND and Nabu. After the ruling, the country’s Ministry of transport in Kiel, but the Chance to the deficiencies in complementary plans. How long this will take, is open.

A20 has already caused in Mecklenburg-Vorpommern for problems

Specifically, the fourth phase of construction that will lead from Witten born in the district of Segeberg to the A7 and 19.9 km in length. Also, a private person suing in court against a possible expropriation, which threatens, due to the expansion.

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Highway traffic in the village

The A20 already in the neighbouring Federal state of Mecklenburg-Western Pomerania for problems. At the end of September 2017, a roadway was slumped section of motorway “tribsees”, at the beginning of 2018, the resulting hole 40 enlarged to about 95 meters in length. The highway was diverted through the villages of the surroundings, a makeshift bridge to the highway but for the time being passable again,in December, it will be opened to traffic.

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