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Berlin is known for controversial construction projects. It must not always be an airport that gets some attention. Currently, a strange ride busy bike path, the people in the capital.

Many roads lead to your destination – not always the most direct route is also the most beautiful, or best. In the race for the strangest of Berlin is located far forward. An unusual bike path in the middle-class district of Zehlendorf are many people puzzle: Who wants to use it, you must drive zig-zag.

The markings on the Leo-Baeck-Straße are crazy in the height of the trees. “This was so not planned,” said the competent district Councilwoman Maren Schellenberg. Obviously, there have been communication problems with the responsible construction company. “Actually, it’s quite pretty, but it can’t stay so,” said Schellenberg.

On Twitter, users mocked about the strange lane – from the “Tetris bike” is out of the question. The whimsical markings are now to be replaced. By a straight line.

Berlin on the way to the European Bicycle capital. (Leo-Bleck-Street, Zehlendorf).

— NorbertM (@Radelflieger) 8. August 2018

Berlin wants to be a bike city

Häme is also because Berlin is increasingly investing in Bicycle transport, with bike friend cities like Amsterdam or Copenhagen is more large. In the coming years will therefore be a number of rapid routes in the capital, and intersections to the benefit of cyclists rebuilt, and thousands of Parking spaces for Bikes will be created. The first mobility law of Germany, which had adopted the Land of Berlin until the beginning of July, preferably for the first time, eco-friendly mobility in front of the car and also Cycling.

Despite several Offensives by Germany is lagging behind in terms of infrastructure for bicycles international. Last a cycle path in the Dutch town of meerssen has caused a stir. There, cyclists were in a street with significantly more space than motorists.

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