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First they blocked, now Daimler want to, and Volkswagen diesel drivers hardware retrofit offering quickly. About half of the Euro 5 models are eligible according to SPIEGEL information.

The car manufacturers Volkswagen and Daimler want to help your customers quickly to nitrogen-oxide catalysts for the retrofitting of older diesel vehicles. The Daimler group has a provider of this technology to a Meeting on 29. November invited.

“We want to give our customers as quickly as possible, transparency about what are the hardware solutions of a third-party offer providers,” it says in the Letter to the suppliers, which is the MIRROR and the research team of the Bavarian broadcasting company.

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The Stuttgart-based company are the suppliers of all the “information available” for the development of appropriate facilities is necessary. Internally, the Daimler boss Dieter Zetsche has decided on his engineers: “I want to have the thing off the table.” The Federal Ministry of transport has informed the group that approximately half of all Mercedes models with emission standard Euro 5 equipped with a SCR-catalyst is out of the question.

The Minister of transport doubts hardware solution

A similar order of magnitude reports Volkswagen. VW should have at least two suppliers of exhaust gas cleaning systems, in contact. The wolf Burger hope to soon be clarity over the technical requirements, the Ministry of transport of the kits. Details of the appropriate policy experts of the TÜV Nord with retrofit providers languages this Thursday. The corporations want to Fund the conversion per customer, with 3000 Euro.

Scheuer, however, had a meeting last week after a tip with representatives of the auto companies continued to have great doubts as to hardware solutions. He was, at the earliest, in 2020, could be installed for the first retrofit kits. This, however, would be for drivers in those cities of late, in which already in the coming year driving bans for Diesel Cars with Euro 5 to be introduced – for example in Frankfurt, Essen or Stuttgart. The manufacturers want to be faster.

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