Daimler battered Tesla in secret Tests

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That car company vehicles of other manufacturers get to test purposes, is widely used. Daimler, however, a Tesla-copy after the MIRROR has returned information in a dilapidated condition.

The Daimler group has created with dubious methods, insight into the technology of the US competitors to Tesla. As the MIRROR reported in its latest issue, hired a Daimler in the summer, the car rental company Sixt for a Tesla Model X with a small company in Bavaria for seven weeks. (Click here to read the whole story in the new MIRROR.)

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During the rental period the car was built, apparently, apart and re-screwed together. In addition, it has been tested under extreme conditions – including heat, a Jogging track and a traction track. In the original rental agreement with Sixt, however, were both the Disassembly and the use of the test excluded routes. At the end of the rental period, the vehicle with damage in the five-digit level was returned.

To track down the micro-entrepreneurs was the test, only the locating function of the vehicle. This showed it on test routes close to Barcelona and Sindelfingen. Previously, Daimler had already borrowed the “street scooter” of the Post via a letter-box company, and secretly tested. The renting of vehicles to “compare trips” a “in the automotive industry, the usual process,” said Daimler.

Sixt announced that it had expert identified damages, the settled value of the cost reduction and the Reviewers. Sixt rented vehicles should not be on the Test and race tracks. Sixt named Daimler as a customer.

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