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A year has passed since the Diesel summit. Now, the car manufacturer Daimler wants to provide several hundred thousand vehicles with new Software, in order to reduce the pollutant emissions.

The car manufacturer Daimler launches the announced Software Updates to its vehicles. The group, according to new programs for several hundred thousand Mercedes vehicles in Europe are now approved by the authorities, so that the customers can let you in the workshop.

For around 700,000 Daimler-Diesel, the German Federal motor transport authority (KBA) had arranged due to illegal disconnection device for the cleaning of exhaust gases of a recall. Including only a part of the car that are now going to get the first to the new Software according to the group. The rest were part of a voluntary action.

Daimler had initially announced improvements to around 300,000 diesel engines in Europe, in order to reduce nitrogen oxide emissions via a Software Update. The majority of this is processed in the meantime.

Customers will be informed

The number was then increased in the summer of 2017, just prior to the diesel peak – to approximately three million. For the additional 2.7 million cars, no Software was previously released but Update.

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Exhaust gas scandal:
These models will be called back

A total of several Hundred Software to be developed variants and the corresponding applications to the KBA filed, it said. In the workshop, certain variants of the SUV-model, the GLC, the van, Vito and V-class, according to Daimler now.

Affected customers would be informed and asked to contact your workshop. In addition, you should be able to online check whether your vehicle is affected.

Daimler is cooperating, according to its own information with the authorities – defends himself against the accusation that the contested functions in the motor control were illegal, and by opposition to the KBA assessments.


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