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The new A6 Avant from Audi.
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The new Audi A6 Avant is similar to the sedan up on the trunk. Hand switch it, and also a Plug-in Hybrid Version is not provided.

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          Beautiful estate cars are called Avant, the new A6 Avant Audi is message from the year 1995 advertising more than ever. Only a few weeks after the launch of the sedan, the for Germany, by far the more important wagon version of the sporty rolls now elegant, medium-class model against 2500 Euro extra charge to the dealers. The previous 80 percent of A6 customers opted for the Avant. The latest model was developed from the beginning together with the saloon – was a novelty. Up to the sill of the rear doors, both body are the same variants as an Egg the other. Also, the LED rear lights are the same. As functional as the precursor, but dynamic-proportioned of 4,94 meters should be long, a freshman, was in the last issue of Parys Cybulski.

          The Audi Designer has tilted in favour of the rear window and D-pillar of the harmonious-drawn five-seater to be stronger. The result: The A6 Avant looks flat, though he builds with 1.47 metres in order to six mm higher than previously. The roof line drops later than in the old model, and because the roof was somewhat thinner, can offers rear passengers about nine mm more headroom. The knee room in the rear – in the previous not just grew to 21 mm.

          Unchanged, the Luggage capacity of 565 up to 1680 liters remained behind the serially electrically flyout and, on request, sensor-controlled tailgate. With rails, the clamping band, power and hook-fastened, fine-lined Luggage compartment offers a load length of nearly two meters, if in a ratio of 40 to 20 to 40 split rear seat backs can be thrown forward. Unfortunately, the cargo area is also in the latest Generation of pan-flat, but rises slightly.

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          As in the models of the A8 and A7 and A6 sedan and Avant as standard, also holds in the A6, the MMI control element, including a virtual Cockpit, switch and knobs will be largely omitted. The acoustic and haptic feedback of the on top of each other in the center console is arranged seamlessly and is fitted with a Touch-display is excellent, and commands can also be sent via text input or by means of a natural language operation recognized.

          Beyond the base of four of the features are selectable, the upgrade with the different colour concepts, with leather Seating and wood – or Aludekoren the well-crafted interior. Pleasantly low noise level could be improved with new and additional seals, but also by the now on the body sill instead of in the side window attached to the mirror again. To add to the 38 possible assistance systems, of which the driver is in the Limousine support can make, in the Avant of a camera-based trailer assistant. The offer of the mild-hybrid System equipped with Seven – and eight-speed automatic combined motors is the same as the A6. Three turbodiesels are from the Start available, the Audi strategists assume that the 204 HP strong two-litre-will become four-cylinder for best-sellers, especially for fleet customers. With it, the 51 is 650 Euro, expensive, front-wheel-drive A6 Avant is already underpowered enough.

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          The test consumption was not, according to a first longer drive with six liters of all too far away from the 4.5 liters of the specified standard value. The two three-liter six-cylinder Diesel-231 and 286 HP, you always have Quattro all-wheel drive and costs a minimum of 57 550 60 550 Euro. In October, the Quattro Version of the four-cylinder be submitted-self-igniter and the 245 HP strong two-litre four – cylinder TFSI with Front-and all-wheel drive. In the next year, the six-cylinder petrol engine with 340 HP. Manual switch is not in the A6 Avant, and also a Plug-in Hybrid Version is not provided.

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