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The most satisfied motorists in the compact class to sit in Germany, not in a VW Golf or Opel Astra, but in the Toyota Corolla. The result of the
Customer satisfaction survey conducted by the market research Institute J. D. Power. Who gets the new Common-Rail Turbodiesel 2.0 D-4D, only can smile.

By Frank Forest

Wednesday, 09.07.2003
At 09:18

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Toyota customers are happy customers: The Corolla 2.0 D-4D complies with Euro-4-Norm and gives the buyers a tax bonus

The direct-injection engine is already used in the new Avensis – it’s just that it has to move a few pounds more. According to the 116 PS
(85 kW), Diesel with the 1360-kilogram Corolla light game. From
2000 Rpm 280 Newton metres of torque to pull the powerful,
accelerate the compact three-door car in 10.6 seconds to 100 kph. As impressive as the draught, the smoothness of the self-igniter. Both in the
Idle as well as during the travel is very hard to hear that there’s a Diesel under the hood nails.

Security updated: All new Corolla model with Front, side and head airbags System equipped

Possible of from 1350 bar to 1600 bar, increased pressure in the power the
Fuel injectors, which allows finer metering and atomization of fuel
as well as a so-called Pilot injection. Because the diesel typical noise
caused by the abrupt pressure type of combustion rise in the shock. To
to minimize this effect, before the actual main injection, a
tiny amount of fuel in the cylinder is injected. So the pressure increases
The combustion chamber smoother, and the combustion is continuous.

To cultivate the behavior in the idle, below 1200 trips, and even twice
injected. In addition, a vibration effect of damping measures and the good
Encapsulation of the engine, the noise in the interior of the diesel fuel
to be distinguished from a gasoline engine.

Cleaner and more economical: The new Diesel soot particles and nitrogen oxide emissions reduced through cooled exhaust gas recirculation

In spite of higher performance and greater smoothness of the new Diesel, but was
cleaner and more economical. On average, it should only 5.7 liters of Diesel
consume. And through the use of a cooled exhaust gas recirculation, the
Soot – and nitrogen oxide emissions compared to the previous 110-HP Diesel of the same displacement is halved. Thus, he now meets the EU4 emissions standard and offers its German customers a tax bonus of 613,55 Euro. Assuming he puts
first of all, 18.700 euros on the sale table. These are 1200 Euro less in the
Compared to the entry-level price of the previous 110-HP Diesel.

Vehicle registration certificate


Corolla 2,0 D-4D

Compact car

Four-Cylinder Turbodiesel

1.995 ccm

116 HP (85 kW)

280 Nm

From 0 to 100:
10.6 s

Maximum speed:
185 km/h

Consumption (ECE):
5.7 liters

CO2 emissions:
151 g/km


289 Liter

19 (HP) / 32 (TK) / 15 (UK)

18.700 EUR

Unchanged in the Corolla-engine range, the 2.0 D-4D will remain Diesel with 90 HP
as well as the diesel with 1.4-Liter (97 HP), 1.6 Liter (110 HP) and 1.8 liters
(TS 192 HP) engine. The Corolla range with the introduction of the new
Diesel model, however, an additional trim level called Luna.
It is located between the variant of the Corolla, and the Top Version of Sol and
with offers as standard air conditioning, leather steering wheel, CD audio system
six speakers and a control satellite on the steering Wheel and gear knob with
Chrome application. The Corolla Luna for all Three – and Five-door model with the new 2.0
D-4D engine and the 1.6-Liter gasoline engine offered, and is 16.700 Euro
And passive safety has been brought up to date. All
the new Corolla models are now available in addition to Front and side airbag as standard
with a head airbag System fitted.

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