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The Cockpit display in the BMW 5 series with configurable content
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Infotainment in the 5-series: BMW Connected Drive, with excellent speech recognition. However, there were also a Flop.

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          If the neighbor with his new Mercedes-Benz and the spectacular voice assistant M-Bux arrives, you hear now from the plot to in the morning, with a “Hey Mercedes” to the other, then there is, at least for the owner of a new BMW is no reason for envy. He “can call Hey BMW”, because the corresponding counterpart is available only from March to the Start of the new BMW 3-series for the Bavarian vehicles. It should be called Intelligent Personal assistant, Artificial intelligence bring, and thus patterns of driver behaviour, as well as the language to implement commands depending on the context. However, what BMW can now, with his voice control in the current models, is not less worthy of attention: It can be according to the weather questions, you can call up the climate control with “cold” and in fact, a large part of that functionality, the Mercedes-Benz is now prominent as a major step forward. As in the case of M-Bux even a personalization of personal data is provided. “Call my wife”, the BMW and Mercedes, if you have defined once in the contact directory, who is it.

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          The BMW driver even has a unique feature that we always wanted to: Smoothly not only contacts and telephone lists are transmitted to the vehicle, but also the content of some of the Smartphone Apps. For us, Amazon’s Music and audiobook narrator Audible showed, for example, on-Board monitor. Nothing New, but in any other vehicle, you must book a long with his personal data, then it is checked and synchronized, the car is integrated as an additional Client. Not so in the BMW: with the connection of the smartphone, the Amazon Music and Audible are installed, you are good to go without any fumbling, the on-Board system on its own music and playlists or access its purchased books to listen to.

          We were in the 5-series BMW on the road, using a large main screen as a Control center. The Monitor is touch-sensitive, it works with the Controller and its button box, drum or taps with the Finger on the display. The surface of the turntable is also sensitive to the touch, you can paint on letters with your Finger. The content in the main display are arranged on tiles, which makes the orientation easy. Radio and media, communication, Navigation, Connected Drive, and vehicle settings as well as an extensive help menu nimble are accessible. The menus allow for a personalized fit, and who all called once, noting that several are duplicated, so the different Paths to the destination.

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          ConnectedDrive with dozens of Apps running it’s own Store, possibly you need a user name and password. In our vehicle, probably the inevitable weather App was playing, we also discovered the news, a search Online, Apps for finding a Parking space, restaurant recommendations, and much more. Apps can be loaded online, and the idea is that the BMW drivers of the future Possible everything nachkauft or permanently subscribed to. A glance at the Store shows, for example, as paid-for options, a travel book, Microsoft Office along with E-Mail and contacts, and even, for the first time seen, Skype telephony.

          More sense the real-time traffic information, BMW Real Time Traffic Information (RTTI). As for the competitors, information about the traffic flow in traffic light colors used to allow the road network. The quality of the data was during our trips, however, unsatisfactory. Furthermore, also information on free Parking get into the car that currently works in ten German cities. To do this, you must turn off the traffic card, because the Parking info are also displayed on individual streets. In different shades of color you see, not free Parking, but the probability for an available Parking space. As expected, BMW conjure up the precious land. The journey through Frankfurt’s Westend district, a single street in a soft Blue shimmered, signaling that here is the directions could be worthwhile. As always, The more cars are equipped with such functions, the lower the value-in-use.

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          The Cockpit display with speedometer, tachometer and other information, is surcharge from a completely digital TFT-colour display in Black Panel technology. The Design and arrangement of the illustrated instruments can be set. Spectacular the Head-up Display, comprising instructions during active route guidance, a never-before-seen detail in the display of lanes and direction. The contents of the seemingly over-the-hood floating display are also configurable. The speed is displayed in red, you have exceeded the speed limit.

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