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Anyone looking for a car with delightfully outdated technology that could be in the case of Mitsubishi Pick-up L200 find. The remains in the new Generation of rustic, and just a little bit smarter.



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Tom Grünweg

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Friday, 16.11.2018
At 04:43

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The first impression: the pond in my Shirtsleeves, strong, and a little rusty at first – the Mitsubishi L200 is a guy’s guy, which immediately instills confidence. A bit like a mountain guide.

Says the manufacturer: In Germany, sold to Mitsubishi for the L200 so far only in homeopathic doses, but in the world of the Pick-up of a large number – and have been for 40 years. With nearly five million copies in 150 countries and with a sales share of least 15 percent of the entire Mitsubishi fleet, he is not only the second most important model of the brand, but for the boss of the company Osamo Masuko also your backbone. The car that saved the company with the diamonds in the Logo is repeated, the Survival – thanks to reliable sales figures. “Regardless of where things weren’t perfect in the world, on the L200, we could rely,” says Masuko.

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Autograph Mitsubishi L200:
Warhorse for the past 40 years

Also, the new model is supposed to get a rustic attitude, says Masuko. It remains, therefore, in the case of rigid axles instead of independent suspension, leaf instead of air suspension and drum instead of disc brakes. Nevertheless, the L200 should go a little with time. And so there are also a few modern assistance systems.

The we noticed: The L200 sparkles inside like a Christmas tree, because the dashboard with chrome-tipped and hard plastic and synthetic leather to the bet Shine. In addition, there is for the Pick-up of the panoramic cameras to the Keyless access system, a few Extras are in the Car. But the gruff character and doesn’t want to hide the L200.

Of the analog instruments and the GPS, with a tiny touch screen, which is displayed like a foreign body in the centre console. Fittingly, the engineers celebrate the two USB Sockets as Infotainment achievement. If you are starting the engine, spilling of coffee from the cups in the holder. The 2.4-litre four-cylinder shakes, even in muggy hot Thailand, where the car for the world market is built. The engine knocks like crazy and is heard in a wide radius.

Equipped with a six-speed automatic gearbox and selectable four-wheel drive, the colossus slow, but unswerving in motion. With stoic calm, he rolls over or through any obstacle: curbs, bumps, boulders, or river crossings – the L200 makes its way.

In a labyrinthine German town of 5,30 metres long, the car is likely to do with the enormous turning circle hard, and on a winding country back road better, who don’t want to overwhelm the leaf springs, the layer of the suspension and the steering.

Take a look in the interior of the Mitsubishi L200 – with our 360-degree photo:

Really comfortable this is not. But who is looking for a soft-washed, all-terrain vehicles for everyday use, better go for a SUV. The L200 is understood as an adventurer and worker, as honest skin and not as all-terrain vehicles-cast. He wants to be a good buddy, a kind of Crocodile Dundee when you visit in the city.

The need to know: The Pick up is for the Mitsubishi, a 40-year-long Tradition. He is built from the very first day in Thailand. With around five million units, he has made the factory in the vicinity of the tourist town of Pattaya to the largest Mitsubishi plant outside of Japan and the largest car exporter of the country. The L200 is to be shipped from there – usually under the name Triton in 150 countries.

In Germany, the new model is probably only in August 2019. Therefore, Mitsubishi marketing guy Christian Andersen can tell so far, just a little bit to the offered variants. Yes, it will give the car a 2.4-litre diesel engine. Whether but he will also have with us 181 PS of power and 430 Nm of torque, is not able to tell yet. Also acceleration and Top speed, only appreciate. Similarly, the price will be the probably be a little higher than the previous model, sold from 22.990 Euro.

In spite of all the traction the car gets with the new generation advanced equipment. So there is, in the future, LED headlamps, Emergency brake assist and a downhill driving aid. Four-minute programs are for gravel, mud and snow, Sand, or rocks. What will be of that series, and what Option, you don’t know Andersen. It is built of the L200 single cab (Single Cab) with two seats and two doors, a bit more spacious as a Crew Cab with two counter-hinged makeshift doors and narrow back seat, as well as a Club Cab with four doors and five fully fledged seats. Probably Mitsubishi offers as in the past, the latter two versions in Germany.

We will not forget: The diagram of a small tree on the Display between the tachometer and speedometer, with the Mitsubishi to a fuel-saving driving style wants to encourage. One may not blame the manufacturers Try to a little bit of modernity for the robust car though – but that is a commercial vehicle of this caliber, maybe it is Good but too much.

Vehicle registration certificate


L200 (2018)


Four-Cylinder Diesel

Six-Speed Automatic

All-wheel drive

2.442 CC

181 HP (133 kW)

430 Nm

From 0 to 100:
12,0 s

Maximum speed:
180 km/h

5300 / 1815 / 1780

EUR 24,000

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