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Mercedes-Benz GLC 250 d 4Matic in comparison with the GLC 350 e
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When you Skimp of the Diesel helps in comparison to the Hybrid Version is still the best. The trips with the Mercedes-Benz GLC 250 d 4Matic and the GLC 350 e. show

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          In the C-class from Mercedes-Benz, a lot of movement is: Limousine and T-model have been refreshed, with very small strokes for the Design, the Infotainment reports on the S class-level, there are also new diesel engines.

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          And in the next year, the Mercedes will be launched-Benz GLC. However, the detachment of the most successful Benz SUV brings a completely new car, but based on the 2013 Version with minor Facelift measures as they were implemented for the entire C-class already.

          Strikingly, however, is: The us in the summer of 2016, driven GLC 350 e is in the current price no more line list given. This was recorded for the GLC in the normal versions, only the two Diesel and petrol engines, plus three more muscular AMG variants. The type GLC 350 e with its Plug-in Hybrid technology is paused, but it’s to be expected with a new edition for 2019/2020, to come up with some improvements and with a larger battery. In the past, E-ranges from our everyday experience of about 30 miles with the 350 e many of the customers appeared to be insufficient. However, a Hybrid is very intentionally not a pure electric car, but only contributes to saving in certain operating moments fuel.

          But when you Skimp of the Diesel helps in comparison to the Hybrid Version is still the best: now in the case of a new appointment with the Mercedes-Benz GLC in the Version 250 4Matic. Of the Vehicle registration certificate according to Euro 6 and the WLTP procedure certified Diesel is best as a long-distance runner on the way, preferably, however, in the hands of a driver who is white, full of courtesy, and consideration with the gas pedal deal: On the highway with a speed average of 83 km/h and a maximum speedometer of 110 to 120 km/h after the Facelift perhaps supersedes 2.1-Liter four-cylinder for 100 kilometres on just 6.3 liters took. Still stingy, the Diesel was during the country road test with the fuel: Quiet, perspective, way of driving, with a maximum of 90 to 100 km/h and the absence of sudden acceleration led to a very pleasant section,-average fuel consumption of 5.3 liters of: for a vehicle with a kerb weight of 1855 kg, and a possible towing capacity of 2500 kilograms.

          The diesel-Hybrid 350 e-points in comparison to Diesel only on the very short distance and only with a bulging battery: Here we are listed in the summer of 2016, consumption values, extrapolated to 100 kilometers, at 2.4 to 2.6 liters, but very theoretically, because the electric range was just never more than 30 kilometers, and then the gasoline-burner with realistic, an average of around 7.4 litres / 100 kilometres, plus the electricity, of course. Who is driving alone, with the gasoline and a little firmer, has to expect up to 14 litres. Also the Diesel in the GLC 250 d 4Matic came finally to an average of 7.2 litres, is owed to the city rides (7.8 to 8.2 liters per hundred) and some Top-Speed stages and more than 200 km/h on the speedometer liters. In addition, the unleashed riders took advantage of this frequently levels 7 and 8 of the comfortable, sometimes a bit of a betulich-shifting nine-speed automatic.

          In the revised version of GLC, the two new, smaller four-cylinder Diesel are to be expected, are even more economical (i.e., still emit less CO2) and smaller amounts of nitrogen oxide (Euro 6d-Temp) launch. To just under the Tank is to be dimensioned also in the future, 50 liters it holds, and seven liters of still as a Reserve.

          In the comparison of the two types of the Diesel variant also has the costs of the cooler, by a nose: The 350 e led with a base price of 52 717 Euro, in the not-overly-fat standard. 47 873 euros according to the price list for the 250 d is necessary, also with a rather narrow window-dressing. But in contrast to the former Hybrid, now a view to a richer conversation with the seller could be conducted. The standard 4Matic all-wheel drive copes with all the challenges of a bourgeois daily life. Occasionally used in a Bad way-stages with steep ascents to the mountain hut in the Allgäu can be overcome with a certain coziness and a mild growl from the engine room. And on the sweeping highway climbs the Diesel sets at Speeds of 160 to 190 km/h like a large bucket of torque with a maximum of 500 Newton meters. Whether the following motors can keep up in the refurbished GLC here, is not yet clear.

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          Also unclear is the question of a not-too-flashy Design change in the front view is shown right next to the top corners of the Radiator grille to the left and to the right by a good finger width of the overhanging hood of unusual joints. The looks, says a senior GLC and GLE driver from our neighborhood, always so, as the hood is not closed. Mercedes drivers are just finicky.

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