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The Mercedes A-class with Extra-trunk is reminiscent of an outdoor station to the fussy Baby-Benz from 1982. Colourful interior lighting, and new touch screens are designed to make the car for the Generation U60 attractive.



Tom Grünweg

Tom Grünweg

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Monday, 29.10.2018
At 05:11

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The first impression: Baby Benz 2.0 – he is round, smooth, and looks uneven more elegant than the blessed 190 of 1982. But due to the Format of the A-class sedan reminds me of the car from back then.

Says the producer: “After the successful launch of the new A-class in may we build the offer and meet the needs of customers,” said Mercedes sales chief Britta Seeger. You hoped for the Compact, saloon, especially in the United States and China to new customers. “Who wants a compact, sporty sedan with a separate trunk, now has a new Alternative.”

That there was this car actually already ignored you. Because somehow the new sedan recalls suspiciously to the previous Mercedes CLA. The is even built – and in the new Form to a slightly larger challenge for Mercedes design chief Gorden Wagener. He wants to draw for 2019 announced coupe sedan a little sportier and more elegant, in order to create some distance-goers between the supposed double.



The we noticed: because Of stuffy! The times when you looked at compact sedans, such as weiland the VW Jetta or the Opel Astra as a dusty, seniors, models and the crocheted toilet paper roll on the parcel shelf was looking for, are long gone. The A-class sedan at the very least, visually U also in the case of the Generation of 60 points.

Especially inside, it is by far the most recent model to come from Mercedes, thanks to the operating system MB of UX. This stands for “User Experience” and referred to an on-screen landscape in the Cinemascope Format. At the same time, the touch screen moves with the System at Mercedes and replaced the turn-and-Push switch, there is a voice control on the level of Siri, or Alexa, and for the first time, a navigation system with Augmented Reality.

Where other GPS units only show maps and arrows, can be seen in the A-class is a live video from outside, via the computer names, street names and turn-off creates information. Who moves to have to be better next Time for the Bus. And as the would still be Chi-Chi enough, the car received also a colorful atmosphere lighting, with the help of the A-class lights up like a disco on wheels.

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Autograph Mercedes A-Class Sedan:
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Little else is noticeable in the sedan. Not unlike the hatchback model. Both cars are up to the rear doors the same. Is that why you drive like that. And they have the same equipment. Because of the wheelbase, nothing will change, even the space the same: The Fund is sufficient, therefore, here as well as there is also time for two adults on short-haul flights.

The only real difference is the trunk. Grows to 13 inches long sedan by 50 to 420 liters and is large enough for one to two solid hard-shell case that will fit easily through the door. Bulky goods are to be transported in the hatchback better, because the flap is larger and the boot higher, and the Folding of the rear bench that brings more add-on room.

Take a look in the interior of the Mercedes A-class sedan – with our 360-degree photo:

The must know: At first glance, this sedan a useful extension of the model range, especially for the Audi A3 and BMW for 2 series (in China) is also a saloon on offer. But at second glance, one wonders once more about the crowd in the Mercedes model range. So, like the convertibles, and roadsters make each other’s lives difficult, and how GT four-door and the CLS to the same customer are courting, the A-class to the fiercest competitors of the CLA. For the next year also. And even if it fails slightly different, is likely to be the differences in reasonable limits. In the end the price will be the determining factor. In China, it’s different: There, the A-class sedan will be stretched by a further six inches in length and offers noticeably more space than the CLA.

Speaking of price: The is in the A-class for Mercedes-conditions are comparatively moderate. The sedan costs about 700 euros more than the hatchback model. It starts for 30.916 Euro with the 163-HP A 200 with a 1.3-Liter four-cylinder. For 36.432 Euro, there is the A 220 4Matic with a 2.0 liters 190 HP and all-wheel drive and for a minimum of 37.324 Euro the A 250, the 2.0-litre engine, 224 HP and either the front axle or all four wheels driving. For the time being, the only Diesel is the 32.142 Euro A 180d with a 1.5 l engine and 116 HP.

We will not forget: The ambivalent feeling in the rear. On the one hand, one is surprised how spacious the back seat is, on the other hand, one is disappointed at how drab it is. The material look and feel is solid. But while you enjoy the front of a colorful light show, you feel the rear actually, as in the Baby-Benz. The from the eighties.

Vehicle registration certificate


A 220 4Matic sedan


Four-Cylinder Turbo Diesel

Seven-Speed Dual-Clutch Transmission

All-wheel drive

1.991 ccm

190 HP (140 kW)

300 Nm

From 0 to 100:
7.0 s

Maximum speed:
237 km/h

Consumption (ECE):
6.5 litres

CO2 emissions:
149 g/km

420 litre

1.520 kg

4549 / 1796 / 1451

36.432 GBP

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