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The Cigarette 515 on the way from a quiet port to the Inferno.
Image: Wanke

Cigarette it smoke on the water. With the new 515, the boat Builder from Florida, clawing at the 200 km/h.

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          The Name Cigarette is water sports for racing technology, for products, as they are in the automotive industry from suppliers such as Mercedes-AMG known. The legendary brand was founded nearly 50 years ago by Don Aronow, a race enthusiasts millionaire, the boats by Formula, and Donzi-world champion title won, the company was sold. Don Aronow died in 1987, the shipyard continues to exist.

          Also the beginning of an Alliance with Daimler, a subsidiary of AMG is now a good ten years. The leads in a regular sequence for the presentation of special models, which are inspired from race-ready sports car. During this year’s Miami Boat Show, the first new model was presented for the 50’ Marauder, with a full name Cigarette Racing 515 Project One inspired by Mercedes-AMG. This is hull number one is not to remain a single piece, but form the Basis for the new flagship of the brand, short-515.

          At first glance, it is an extended 50’ Marauder, but the New one is a complete redesign, which has increased in width substantially. The bottom line is, this results in a 30 percent growing area, both in the cockpit size as well as in the driving characteristics noticeable. In the rear there are now four instead of three seats, the maximum crew is six people.

          The driver and front passenger thrones in the front of the Cockpit in carbon-fibre-individual seats with backlit Logos, and are supplied via a 24-inch multi-function touch display Garmin with data. The low cabin of the sports device, with two rows of seats of three places is not uncomfortable. Who wants to sleep in it occasionally, ordered a double berth which is fitted to the front.

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          As in the case of the model, the Mercedes AMG Project One, was set on a carbon fiber lightweight construction. Since such Laminates are, however, quite sensitive, tissue the shipyard, the Material only on the inner side of the hull, the familiar for the outer layer on more robust glass fiber. Together, the braids are held in place by vinyl ester resin based on epoxy molecules and hardly absorbs water. Thus, osmosis is avoided, the water Intrusion and the Delamination of the fibers. As in the vacuum method is made, only so much resin to use, as really needed, which contributes to weight reduction. For a low center of gravity, the Deck has a higher carbon fiber content. The Cockpit as a constructive part of the stiffening sting system is completely made of carbon. This also applies to the bulkheads in the bow, while amidships – glass fibre and Kevlar fabric can be used. Although the New one is considerably larger than the 50s, it is not heavier, but with 6.4 tons of the identical weight.

          From the racing division of Mercury were the original engines, they are the strongest of the entire range. The two V8-aluminum-units with nine-Liter displacement, dual overhead camshafts and four-valve technology incubator, forced water-cooled twin-turbochargers. Each of the power packs from the type of Mercury Racing 1550 developed with standard 91-octane gasoline 1350 HP (1007 kW). Of the 1052-litres-Tank with 112-AKI-a racing is filled with fuel, the Skipper twice, 1550 HP (1156 kW). The task is to carry the whole force into the water, M8-Z-drives with dry sump gearbox and CNC-machined five-blade surface propellers of the Dimension 17,5 × 36 transfer.

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          To turn a round with such a race car, a very special experience. Brachial technique of this kind of on-the-water trim usually requires a very sensitive throttle hand and careful work to get such a missile in the mechanical travel. Only then the lever can be placed unrestrained in the front. Not so with the 515. With its significantly wider fuselage, and you float faster. With far less effort will be achieved after only seven seconds at 2500 tours with 27 knots (50 km/h), the sliding travel. Re-trimming is unnecessary, and the Propeller drag in feeling the full throttle, no air. So far, therefore, a significant improvement compared to the 50s.

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