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With the XC 60, Volvo has hit it, the SUV model is sought after like no other brand in Germany. You climb in the car, you are irritated.


Jürgen Pander

By Jürgen Pander

Saturday, 19.05.2018
At 16:19

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Now it’s happened: A Volvo that used to be a brand for individualists, was first named the world car of the year. A Jury of 82 journalists from 25 countries, awarded the official title “World Car of the Year 2018” recently, the XC 60, a SUV in the middle class format. Volvo is building the car since last summer in the second Generation on a new platform. The car was in comparison to the previous generation, which debuted in 2008, significantly more beefy, and a tad larger. The Irritating to the new XC 60 is, however, on the Inside it looks as if the car had shrunk.

You will feel surrounded by a towering instrument panel, a wall – like center console and a door of the thickness of two Files- a bit pinched. And in a car that claimed an area of 4.70 1.90 metres and 1.65 metres high-rises. Actually, this is enough volume to be a spacious car to accommodate. But Volvo, the XC 60 is only possible to a limited extent.


Jürgen Pander

There are reasons for this, one of them is the Design. From the former square box look has been adopted by Volvo as well, the new XC 60 has been adapted to the “current Volvo design language,” as the manufacturer tells. One of their vocabulary a long bonnet and therefore to the rear of the passenger cell, what is the cost of once of the interior. And because the formerly-Edged in excess glucose levels in again with curves and voluminous was lined up, the car looks pretty and self-contained, but the lush forms devour also space.

It is drive or float?

This is a kind of equipment dilemma: Volvo has Packed in the car, pretty much everything, what is auto mobile pampering and security technology available. Among all in the past year in the Euro-NCAP-crash test of cars, the XC 60 has achieved the highest score. This is praiseworthy – on the other hand, the Sensors, cameras, control units, actuators, cables and metal struts of the various security systems must be put somewhere.

Just to make this clear once again: It is not so, that the XC 60 would be a small or tight car – on the contrary. However, given the external size of the body you expect inside, more space.

The car surprised but also pleasantly: And by a in this class is pretty unique driving sensation. So quiet, smooth, and damped rolling in no other mid-size SUV. It is almost like you walk off the XC 60 refreshed, as it is entered. One learns, so to speak, literally, the solidity of the car, the downside is the curb weight of the 2003 kilograms. Audi Q5 or BMW X3 are, for example, by at least 100 kilograms lighter.

Take a look in the interior of the Volvo XC60 – with our 360-degree photo:

Driving the car corresponds roughly to what one would designate in this country as a typically Swedish: The car is a Paragon of harmony. In the test car, a 2-Liter four-cylinder direct injection Petrol engine with a particulate filter (which is new as of the model year 2018) caused a downright playful, even punchy, propulsive. The whopping power output of 310 HP and maximum torque of 400 Nm are a result of the combination of turbocharger and compressor. Because, with rotational speeds up to 3500 tours, a compressor compresses air ratios in the turbocharger; for higher speeds, the compressor is engaged then pay.

An eight-speed automatic manages the torque, an electronically controlled multi-plate clutch distributes it between the front and rear axle. So it goes, perfectly encapsulated by the acoustic glazing (for a fee of 990 Euro). Volvo reports for the presented variant T6 AWD has an average consumption of 7.8 litres per 100 kilometres (according to the euphemistic NEDC measurement method), the test consumption was 9.4 liters.

Because the actual Driving, and the drive is so obtrusively in the Background, establishment and equipment of the XC 60 is all the more stronger. This ranges from the metal Start knob about the driving modes-roller to high-format 9-inch Touchscreen in the centre of the leather-clad instrument panel; the 12.3-inch digital cockpit, the problem-free Smartphone-pairing and the ability of the car to drive up to a speed of 130 semi-Autonomous. On the highway around you have to grab only every ten to 15 seconds on the Wheel, the Rest of cruise control, distance, complete control and automatic lane guidance independently.

…and then the car goes in the knee

In addition to all sorts of pampering Extras such as a chilled glove compartment, heated steering Wheel, electric folding rear Seating, the test was to lean the car is also equipped with the adaptive air suspension (extra cost 2270 Euro). The not only ensures greater driving comfort by body movements are minimized, but in the state the car is in front of the driver in the knee: When Boarding, namely, the body lowers to four inches, and to make it easier to Load the Luggage compartment, the rear can be placed by the push of a button to five inches deep. With so much Contrary to the enormous popularity of the XC 60 is not surprising.

Vehicle registration certificate


XC 60 T6 AWD R-Design


Four-cylinder turbocharged petrol engine with compressor

Eight-Speed Automatic

All-wheel drive

1.969 CC

310 HP (228 kW)

400 Nm

From 0 to 100:
5.9 s

Maximum speed:
230 km/h

Consumption (ECE):
7.8 liters

CO2 emissions:
177 g/km

505 litre

1.432 Liter

2.003 kg

4688 / 1902 / 1658

18 (HP) / 20 (TK) / 25 (UK)

58.650 GBP

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