Driver should have watched talent show on cell phone

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A 49-year-old passer-by died in the accident with an Autonomous Uber cars. Now the police announced: The security driver could have prevented the accident – but was distracted, apparently.

The fatal accident of a self-driving Uber cars in the U.S. state of Arizona was according to the findings of the police “totally avoidable”. The tax domicile of the end control rider, have repeatedly looked to the bottom instead of on the road, in a more than 300-pages long report of the investigator.

Therefore, the woman should have streamed on your Smartphone, the talent show “The Voice” before the accident happened. Only a half-second before the fatal have a collision with a 49-Year-old, shoved in the dark, away from the Zebra strip your bike on the road, the driver up looks and braked.

Shortly after the accident, the control driver had said, the passer-by had appeared “out of Nothing”. The investigators calculated that an attentive driver can bring the car in time for the Stand. The Prosecutor’s office must now decide on an indictment. The driver was not to reach for the news agencies Reuters and AP. Uber would not comment.

According to a report by the National authority for transport safety (NTSB), which investigated the case, also said the Uber-assistant, you have used neither her Private nor her service cell phone during the accident, but down on the monitoring screen of the car looked. Uber prohibits the safety of the cell phone drivers use when they are with an Autonomous car on public roads.

The disaster fuelled the debate about the safety of Autonomous driving. The accident car, a Volvo XC90, has a private emergency braking system. According to the NTSB, this was turned off, since the car was at the Uber-test-drive under control of the computer. About to leave in this constellation, the safety driver. Unclear remains why the Sensors on the car detected in the Autonomous mode, the passer-by in the darkness.


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