Drones should, in the future, repair of potholes

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A British University wants to solve the Problem of dilapidated roads before potholes motorists nervous, to be repaired on the spot by drones. The flying construction workers are part of a larger project.

Potholes nerve due to repair work and the associated traffic jams are not much more pleasant. So it could be over soon: special one day to repair drones annoying potholes on the road – before they become a Problem for motorists. Because scientists are working, at least in the UK. The drones should be able to find damage to the road using cameras to automatically, and with a kind of 3D-printer the same fix.

“Detect and patch” is the name of the project at the University of Leeds. The approach, however, differs fundamentally from the conventional road construction. So far, the competent authorities intervene only if the potholes are the Problem. It comes especially in the colder part of the year is always cold asphalt is used, which often contains harmful substances. Drones could make this grip to the asphalt bucket obsolete in the future: you can recognize even the smallest holes in the road surface and patch by “Smart Repair” – “before they become a real Problem,” says Raul Fuentes of the University of Leeds.

At the same time, the flying robots will be cheaper than conventional construction and the traffic flow is less disturbed. The technique, however, is more of a concept, even if there is already a drone has been presented. The repair of road damage, however, is not the only objective of the research: The construction worker-drone part of a larger robot program, the cities will help to repair itself. Other planned drones to make bird’s damage, such as broken street lamps. More robots will check the piping and repair.


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