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By Ralf Neukirch

Ralf Neukirch

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    Wednesday, 06.09.2017
    At 05:29

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    Actually, I have no desire to deal with me in the summer, with rain clothing. This year it was no different. Looking for the best protection I arrived back where I was as a child.

    A few weeks ago I’ve taken with friends on a day tour with the racing bike from Berlin to Ahrenshoop on the Baltic sea. We do this every year. This time the weather was bad, unfortunately. As we left, it rained in torrents. Much better it should be for the entire journey.

    Riding in the rain on the road bike are a special challenge. Without mudguards, it rains from above, the tires throw the water from the bottom. And because you make the effort when riding a road bike also, must be the rain clothing is not very breathable. Otherwise, it remains dry on the outside, but from the inside wet with sweat.


    • Hanna Becker

      First of all, little pointed to a continuing love affair. The first encounter with a bike, in the Ralf Neukirch remembered, ended with a fall. But at some point, the Cycling of the need for passion was for the LEVEL editor. Since then, he holds it with John F. Kennedy: “Nothing compares with the simple pleasure to ride a bike.”

      From the beautiful moments, but also the sporting, technical and personal challenges of Cycling Ralf Neukirch told regularly in this Blog.

    Because of the bad weather was predicted, I had bought before the Tour-new equipment: Swabs for the shoes, in signal yellow, and a brief rain pants by Vaude. A waterproof Gabba Jersey by Castelli, I was still in the closet. It is said to be the Jersey of choice for many professionals in bad weather. What allows only the conclusion that professionals are either rare in wet or hardened as I.

    The Jersey held the rain for a good half an hour, then it was. The booties were not much better. The water supply to my legs along in the shoes, then the material of the Swabs suction slowly. Finally, shoes and feet were as wet as if I had worn no protection. Only the pants kept the rain, after all. Nothing is more unpleasant than a sensitive from the spray of water soaked Cycling shorts.

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    Radel committed to:
    The proper rain clothing for Cycling

    For the next exit in the rain, I’m going to buy me probably, Goretex Overshoes. I had my first Shopping trip to be too expensive, but that was well-saved at the wrong end. After the Tour, the allegedly breathable rain jacket on the market I borrowed a friend his rain jacket from Gore Bike Wear,. It weighs just 100 grams and slips easily into a Jersey pocket. Sweating is actually little in the jacket. Whether you rain even in the really dense, I don’t know, because I’ve worn them only a half hour in the rain. The jacket costs, however, proud to 280 euros.

    The biggest Problem: the Everyday riding in the rain

    Riding in the rain on the road bike is not my main problem. It is important to find for the everyday trips in the city be a viable solution. If it’s raining in the morning, the decision is easy. Then I put on Shoe covers and rain pants made of plastic. Because there is no moisture comes through, neither from the outside nor from the inside. For the 15 kilometers, I commute to work, you can take it. Usually I then pull my rain jacket over it is a bit heavier, but holds nice and tight. Unfortunately, the annoying and Auszieherei. And if it’s not raining in the afternoon, I don’t have to bring all the stuff in my saddle bag, which is also ideal.

    If it has just poured down with rain, I have worn in the last few years, so a very nice jacket of the British company Vulpine, which held a couple of showers, well, the greater the rain but was unsuitable. When she was worn out, I bought a similar model from Rapha, small pack together, but in the duration of the rain also overwhelmed. Really satisfying, I found this solution that is why. Rain jackets also protect only the torso but not the legs.

    The return of the poncho

    Because I had to keep me busy this summer, unfortunately, really often with the topic of rain, it occurred to me at some point, the rain poncho that I bought at the Berlin bike show in the spring, but it is not needed and therefore had forgotten. As a child, I had a Poncho, but of agreement. As a teenager, I found Ponchos extremely uncool.

    Today, I can see the pragmatic, and with this point of view, the benefits reveal themselves immediately: A Poncho will also protect the thighs from getting wet. He is easily over other garments. And because he lets a lot of air from below, you sweat much less than in rain jackets and pants. And you can also wear a backpack including.

    “The People’s Poncho”, is the name of the part that I had bought. It’s a fancy, dark blue rain Cape made of a comfortable Material that could be folded small. The 75 euros I found expensive, but reasonable. Unfortunately, the People’s Poncho looks good and holds tight, but has some quirks. I have a very wide Handlebar on my Bike, the Poncho fits just so over it. Therefore, he offers up front to little protection. In addition, the Wind is blowing the back of the Capes sometimes high, so I also back the rain get to eat. The everything was not as I had imagined it to be.

    I have then done what I should’ve done from the start: I have informed myself. Loops for the hands, almost all of them, but at least as important a so-called Waistband, which prevents the Poncho flutters in the Wind. Long enough he should be, to fit loosely over the Arm. An adjustable hood is also helpful, so you can see, even when turning the head. Waterproof closable by means of handles for the arms are not a Must, but an advantage. And for the visibility of reflective elements are very important.

    In the end I decided for the model “superpraktiko” of the Bavarian specialists Hock. It costs just 50 Euro, meets all the criteria, and even has a practical viewing window in the hood. In addition, he can be in it’s own chest pocket. The perfect solution? Not quite. Rolled up the Poncho is bigger than would be ideal. And against splashes of water from below he won’t help. But he which, of all the variants I’ve tried, my needs the best. Sometimes the traditional solutions are still the best.

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