DS3 Crossback : focus on the five innovations and major equipment

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The DS3 Crossback, here in its version Grand a Chic ambiance, Opera.

The DS3 Crossback brings a lot of novelties in the segment of small SUV. Etienne’s Leading, the product manager, talks about the five innovations and technological equipment the major DS3 Crossback video.

The DS3 Crossback is available for order since the beginning of October 2018 (see the price of the DS3 Crossback). This new small SUV (4,12 m) intends to make the shadow to its competitors (Audi Q2 and Mini Countryman in the top of the list) thanks to its many technological equipment, some of which are unpublished on the segment. Etienne Leading, product manager for the DS3 Crossback, returns on these innovations.


1 – The headlights DS Matrix LED Vision headlights Full LED Matrix Beam in the DS3 Crossback.

If the drawing of the optical DS3 Crossback do not make the unanimity, they hide a technology never seen at this level range, called ” Matrix Beam “. This system, composed of 15 segments of LEDS, automatically adapts the light beam without dazzling other drivers thanks to the camera positioned behind the windscreen. “It’s like riding in full headlights all the time,” says Etienne Leading.

Available in standard on top versions of the Great range of Stylish, Performance Line+ and DS3 First, these headlights Full LED Matrix Beam are charged 1 000 euros on the other versions.


2 – The door handles flush

Among the innovations first seen on the DS3 Crossback include door handles flush that deploy automatically at the approach of the vehicle or retract away. Guaranteed effect… if you check the option ” ADML Proximity to 600 euros (in series on Grand Chic, Performance Line+ and The First).

The door handles are flush as in Tesla. The shark fin was the need to conceal the lécheurs of windows.

DS has also cared for some of the details of style, concealing, for example, the lécheurs of glasses under the body. This operation was necessary because of the presence of the shark fin at the level of the amount B.


3 – many driving aids

The DS3 Crossback includes several driving assistance level 2 of the DS7 Crossback. For example, the adaptive cruise control working until the complete stop of the vehicle and capable of automatically restart. Equipment that comes in handy in traffic jams, especially as it is coupled to another system to maintain the vehicle in its lane of traffic. These technological facilities are of course offered as an option (Safety pack 1 – € 550).


4 – An interior with a high technological instrumentation is digital on all versions.

Finished the meter needle in the DS3 Crossback. All versions use a 7-inch display screen which it is possible to customize the display. The versions of the more luxurious even have a head-up display, high-color (400 euros in option), which is lacking in the DS7 Crossback.

The DS3 Crossback also features the largest touchscreen in the segment : about 10.3 inches (Wide Chic, Performance Line+ and The First). It is placed at the right height, and shows a reagent. It is easy to move from one menu to another with the commands of the senses located in the aerators.

DS has again made a call to Focal to develop a system Hi-Fi audio (850 euros optional) to 12 HP, with a power of 515 W.

The head-up display based on a color screen. Versions the most luxurious feature of a screen of 10.3 p.


5 – Your smartphone can open your DS3 Crossback

Latest technological equipment offered on the DS3 Crossback, and not least, the DS Smart Access. It allows you to unlock the vehicle by approaching your smartphone to the side window. Handy if you forget your keys, for example, even if the system is not yet operational.

Via the mobile app, MyDS, it will even be possible toopen the vehicle remotely to allow another driver to climb aboard.


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