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BMW has turned back to the Z4 in a real sports car to compete with a Porsche. And with the some of the limits of driving physics new to explore.



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Tom Grünweg

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Thursday, 08.11.2018
04:59 PM

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The first impression: With the departure from the retractable hard roof and the Comeback of the textile soft top looks of the Z4 immediately after rassigem Roadster. And the new, something well-known proportions are not him, too bad.

Says the manufacturer: For Jos van As, BMW driving dynamics-development, the new Z4 is a car for early risers. The last Generation of the Roadster was tuned so good and cozy that you’ve used it more for the coffee ride on Sunday afternoon, you should ask yourself now the alarm clock and start early in the Morning, when the streets are still empty. The new orientation of the car also changes the positioning in the competitive environment. Instead of the Mercedes SLC, or Audi TT, the Z4 is now more on the Porsche 718 Boxster.



The we noticed: The new Z4 is a car that instantly turns. It sits just over the road, and the Cockpit of the driver is close and affectionate. While you took in the previous model involuntarily, a casual attitude that puts you in a new car almost automatically in Hab-Eight-position, reaches out with both hands to the steering Wheel and forward-looking focus.

If you are sitting in the M40i, BMW executives to the Start, where you are travelling. Finally, the top modification of the Z4 is the only one with an in-line six-cylinder engine. They lure you in with 340 HP of power and, still more, with 500 Nm of torque. Of course you can move the car left and with him on a Sunday afternoon relaxing bubbling on the Boulevard – there’s the “comfort”position on the driving experience control switch. The driver can, however, sweep in “Sport”mode on the highway.

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Autograph BMW Z4:
Just fitter

The Z4 scratching with a passion, the curves, thanks to a new chassis with a wider track and a shorter wheelbase, less weight, and because the transmission is responsive, the rear wheels in an intelligent way. So the limits of driving physics, you can boldly explore. The steering is precise, the accelerator is animated. So the driver cuts across the road and approaching the destination of euphoria. Brings back memories of times when the Roadster were radical cars and not, as the Z4 – from the Marketing-driven Lifestyle Popsicles, more suitable for a stroll because, for the Flit.

There is no difference to the predecessor is felt against the roof in spite of the other technology. It looks because of the fabric reference, while in fact, again according to the classic Roadster cap, folds quickly and takes up considerably less space than a hard top, which is why the trunk everyday touches now half-grade 281 litres. In addition, the new roof is a big part of that, the Z4 was in spite of the new Format to be 50 pounds lighter. In spite of a textile coating, it is not puffed up, flutters and hisses and protects just as well before the sound and Wind like a Hardtop because it is basically a massive roof with Topcoat, so wide, the bows of the design.

Take a look in the interior of the BMW Z4 – with our 360-degree photo:

The need to know: The length and width grown Z4 launches just in time for the start of the new Open-Air season in March – and of course there is not only the M40i, the 60.950 Euro costs. The model range starts at 40.950 Euro for the Z4 20i, a 197-horsepower 2.0-Liter engine drives. In between, the 30i, in the the identical four-cylinder engine to 258 HP of power ranks from 48.950 Euro.

The Z4 is, in fact, not alone at the Start. To be able to the Roadster in a shrinking market, profitable market, has brought to BMW, but the Japanese brand Toyota. According to the specifications from Tokyo, was developed in Munich, therefore, a fixed-head coupe, the ad runs with the Z4 at Magna in Graz from the Band, and in the next year as a Toyota-Supra-successor to compete.

Let us not forget: As long a the ten seconds, the the roof to Open or Close needs. On the one hand, this is a pretty fast, especially in comparison with the predecessor model, and the solid folding roof. But the more the country road beckons, the longer the ten seconds in which you must pace must not exceed 50 – because the auto Roof feature only works at less speed. Since each moment is a torment – what you got up finally, so early?

Vehicle registration certificate


Z4 M40i


In-Line Six-Cylinder Turbo-Petrol Direct-Injection

Eight-Speed Automatic


2.998 ccm

340 HP (250 kW)

500 Nm

From 0 to 100:
4.6 s

Maximum speed:
250 km/h

Consumption (ECE):
7.1 Liter

CO2 emissions:
162 g/km

281 litres

1.610 kg

4324 / 1864 / 1304

60.950 GBP

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