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BMW rolls out the new X4 on the road. The SUV-coupe offers more interior space and a daring Design. Like the Papas and Mamas who like to present something.



Tom Grünweg

Tom Grünweg

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Tuesday, 07.08.2018
At 04:39

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The first impression: The new BMW X4 looks as if the Designer of the body with a lot of pressure to inflate. The shape remained about the same, but the car looks overall bigger and swankier.

Says the manufacturer: The BMW managers celebrate the X4 as a pioneer, because he was the first SUV-coupe in this class. To date, there are only the Mercedes GLC as a competition model. With 200,000 copies sold in the last four years, the X4 was very successful, says BMW spokesman Christophe king. Therefore, we have changed the generation change nothing about the concept, but only some of the properties more. More fun while Driving, more Noblesse in the interior, and a more individual appearance – this is what promises to be king for the second edition of the “expression of strong athletes”.



The we noticed: The X4 is a car full of contradictions that the coupe under the SUV so exciting.

It starts with the Design. From the outside, the new X4 will apply – even more than the first Generation – thick. The body was wider by four inches, and the BMW kidney grille at the front fascia is now more upright in the Wind. Inside, however, the new car makes a practical family car. Five inches more wheelbase in the rear for adequate Knee room, head room, in spite of the flat roof is surprisingly generous, and in the trunk actually Luggage.

Behind the electric tailgate, a cargo volume of 525 litres – 25 litres more than in the past. For the first Time, the rear bench can also be used in the so-called Cargo position. The Backrest can be steep, so a few litres more load to jump out of it. The X4 in the first edition was a car for showoffs and egotists with, at most, an accompanying person, is good he now also as a family coach for fathers and mothers with higher needs.

Contradictory also the driving behaviour. Because if it rises in a towering car of two tons weight, keep the expectations to the dynamics in limits. However, this Sport Utility Vehicle the S is capitalized. Due to the literally engaging the Seating position and compared to the X3 slightly lowered centre of gravity, the X4 is extremely sleek around the corner. Also thanks to a progressive sport steering, the Translation of which, with increasing impact is direct.

The unit, which fits best to the X4, is a Diesel: M40d is on the rear cover, and the abbreviation describes a in-line six-cylinder engine with three liters of displacement, the power on the way to the US plant in Spartanburg (where the X4 will be built), made a stop at the M GmbH in Garching, the tune for BMW vehicles. Therefore, the engine delivers impressive 326 HP, you start with its 680 Nm of torque, a decent and responds to even be joyous on the Gas. In 4.9 seconds, the car from 0 sprints to 100 kph, with a sound that is reminiscent of a V8 gasoline engine. If you decide against the Trend for a Diesel, then for one of these. The standard fuel consumption is 6.4 litres.

The need to know: The X4 comes in mid-July and starts at 49.700€. That is about 5000 euros more than a comparable X3 lay down. All X4 variants are fitted with four-wheel drive and eight-speed automatic. The engine selection consists of three petrol engines (184 to 360 HP) and four diesel units (190 to 326 HP).

We will not forget: The tunnel view to the rear. Through the small side window and the small rear window you can get a lot of. So the consideration comes, at least in this BMW.

Vehicle registration certificate


X4 M 40 d


Six-Cylinder Turbodiesel Direct Injection Engine

Eight-Speed Automatic

All-wheel drive

2.993 ccm

326 HP (240 kW)

680 Nm

From 0 to 100:
4.9 s

Maximum speed:
250 km/h

Consumption (ECE):
6.4 liters

CO2 emissions:
170 g/km

525 litres

1,430 liters

1.970 kg

4752 / 1938 / 1621

70.900 GBP

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