Electric cars will in future have to sound like petrol and Diesel

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Pedestrians notice electric cars often late – it often leads to accidents. Associations for the blind have set the silent times will soon be over.

Almost silently, the carriage rolls through the residential area. Although the driver is only 20 km/h on the road, it brakes as a precaution – a man wants something to cross catches the road. He doesn’t know that there’s a vehicle coming. He can’t see it and not hear it. His world is dark, and the car runs on electric power.

So far, the Blind in the road could be oriented sounds reasonably well to the Engine. Did you know, if a vehicle is approaching and from which direction it comes, whether it runs evenly, delayed, or accelerated. In electric cars, no gasoline burns and nails, no Diesel. The Stromer are quiet and not heard especially at low speeds up to 30 km/h. Only from a higher speed, the tires generate noise.

Not only for the Blind of electric cars can, under certain circumstances, dangerous to life

Not only for the Blind electric cars may be dangerous to life. The US traffic authority NHTSA has found out that electric vehicles are involved in 37 percent more frequently in accidents with pedestrians as their conventional counterparts.

Many sighted people will be happy that with the increasing number of electric cars the world will be a bit quieter. Your Argument: Particularly in the cities of life and quality of living. Noise has been proven to be sick. Similarly, the drivers of electric-powered cars enjoy rolling the almost silent Then.

However, it is from 1. July 2019 step-by-step. First of all, then new electric car types must be fitted in Europe with a so-called AVAS. The acronym stands for ‘ Acoustic Vehicle Alerting System, an acoustic warning device.

Sound up to a speed of 20 km/h

Starting in the summer of 2020, such a System for all is new in the market battery care pure electric cars and Plug-in Hybrid and fuel cell vehicles. They include not only passenger Cars but also commercial vehicles with four or more wheels, as well buses.

The 2014 adopted the EU regulation provides that the Sound is radiated up to a speed of 20 km/h. The sound should be modelled on that of an internal combustion engine and at least two one-third octave bands, one-third-octave band must be below 1600 Hertz, so that the elderly can perceive with impaired hearing, the Signal in any case. The volume must be at least 56 dB(A) and shall not exceed 75 dB(A) at 20 km/h.

Rear sounds are mandatory, and stand noises optional

During acceleration of the E-cars, the sound of a deep is to go to a higher frequency. Rear sounds are mandatory, while standing sounds and noises are optional.

Accordingly, the excitement AVAS. That this warning system will come skin is thanks primarily to the blind, associations, and global. The world blind Union (WBU), the European blind Union (EBU) and the German Federation of the Blind and visually impaired (DBSV) have insisted on the international level over the years on an acoustic security system.

“We would like to have like in America, in Germany, too, the warning sound up to a speed of 30 km/h had,” says DSBV-speaker Hilde Groenewold. “Pedestrians can perceive an electric car acoustically first, then, if it is less than eight meters.”

A warning is also intended to help young people with headphones

Although the Federal government has conceded their goal, that by 2020, one Million electric cars onto German roads. However, in some years the number is likely to be achieved. According to data from the world health organization (WHO), life in Germany, about 1.2 million visually impaired and blind people.

The Association, however, it is not only the Blind. “We think of the elderly and children,” says Gerhard Renzel, Director for environment and transport at the DSBV. Also protected are the many young people who participate in distracted by a Smartphone and headphones, on the road, would have to be “”.

Ambivalent Stefan Bratzel, Director of the Center of Automotive Management (CAM), the AVAS. “It’s the E-vehicles makes for some road users safe, but also limits the soundless Glide for the driver.”

Also, some of the E-car are interested skeptical. “That would be the First thing I would put after the purchase, still, if necessary, with the cutter”, commented a mirror Online readers of the new sound system. Auto expert Stefan Bratzel believes, however, that the Trend to electric vehicles is not slowed down by AVAS. “There are too many other advantages that speak for the electric car.”

Some electric vehicles and Plug-in Hybrids driving around with a kind of AVAS. The sound is switched off. Models of Hyundai and Nissan with sound system on the road, and after its recent refresh, the BMW i3 is not as quiet as before from the residential area.

In the electric-Mercedes, it is to remain silent

The menu guidance on the Display of the Siren can be deactivated, is turned on at every reboot automatically. Because the carbon body of the i3 doesn’t stop outside noise as effectively as a steel body, is the noise inside the right presence.

This shortcoming does not want to impose on Mercedes its future electric car customers, and adjusts the noise reduction. “It is our claim that the artificially generated sound is not inside reach,” says Michael Kelz, series Director and principal developers of the EQC. A ride in a pre-production model showed, what said Kelz: Are the Windows closed, there is absolute silence in the electric-SUV. Blind pedestrians are still warned.

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