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Soon, no longer illegal: electric-scooter in the road
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Electric scooter you do not see on the streets, are allowed. That will soon change. However, some conditions must be met.

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          After a long preparation, in brief, another E called vehicle officially on the road: the well-known scooter in modern look with electric motor and battery, E-Scooter or Kick Scooter. A corresponding “regulation regarding the participation of small electric vehicles on the road,” “the end of 2018 or no later than the beginning of 2019,” as a spokeswoman for the transport Ministry announced.

          Although the electric scooters and their drivers are longer in the Parks or on bike paths around the flit. As well as Skateboards with the electric motor and the cross standing as a Companion, hover boards, with two lateral wheels. Are not allowed you so far to all. Motor vehicles driving faster than six kilometers per hour, the need in Germany for public roads a licence as well as insurance. Both lacked.

          The Berlin police seized alone this year alone so far, more than 60 of the non-permitted electric vehicles. Driving a motor vehicle without a license is a misdemeanor, with a cost of 70 euros. The proposed permit will now be valid only for the electric scooter. The other small electric vehicles continue to be prohibited. For the time being at least, as stated by the Ministry.

          40 pages long regulation

          The E-scooter in the future with up to 20 kilometers per hour to travel on cycle paths. There is no bike path, you need to Dodge on the road. Walkways are off-limits. You need to be equipped with a “steering tie rod”, “two independent brakes”, “to the front and to the rear of the acting, direction indicators” (turn signals) and “a bright-sounding bell”. So it is in the more than 40 pages long regulation, which is present the German press Agency.

          The little scooter also need an insurance plaque, similar to mopeds and small scooters, helmets are not required. The driver must be at least 15 years of age and have a Moped license or a driver’s license.

          Use of the scooter, especially for shorter distances, such as from the apartment to the tram stop or bus stop or from the office to the shop a couple of streets away. In American cities, but also in Moscow, Paris and Vienna electric scooters spread in the meantime to Borrow. Similar to the rental of bicycles, Car-Sharing vehicles and electric scooters in major German cities. But, of course, private people can buy scooters, in order for the Baker to charge you home again.

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          Meanwhile, criticism of the extensive range of technical regulations is accumulated. The TÜV Association welcomed the new legislation although, in principle, have been omitted, but the required compulsory insurance. Legally, the E-scooter of motor vehicles the same and would be prohibited in public transport. “Transportation-buses, S-trains, trams, and trains, but it should be possible in principle.” Also, Driving with the E-Skateboards and hover boards should be regulated by law.

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