Elektroautos dürfen schneller fahren als Benziner

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In Austria, electric cars are allowed to drive in the future on many highway sections faster than cars with a combustion engine. The reason is that they emit no exhaust gases.

Instead of the 100 speed vehicles on many streets in the future, Tempo 130 in Austria are electric. This is intended for sections, particularly of exhaust gas contaminated areas in Austria, informed the competent Ministry for sustainable development and tourism (BMNT).

Affected 440 kilometers. Approximately 20 percent of the Austrian motorway and Expressway network. There protection reasons, permanently or frequently 100 kph for cars with a combustion engine is Air. The General speed limit on motorways in Austria is 130 km / hour.

“Electric vehicles are in operation, generally speaking, emission-free,” justifies the Ministry’s exception in the Immission protection law. The law is due to oxides of the people from air pollutants, such as nitrogen, particulate matter and sulphur dioxide to protect. These occur when a car engine petrol or Diesel burn.

Goal: More electric cars on the road

The new rules will also make electric cars more attractive. “We want to go to convince people that it pays for itself in several ways, on an E-vehicle to,” said sustainability Minister Elisabeth Köstinger of the conservative party ÖVP.

Austria wants to put more electric cars on the roads, in order to achieve its climate protection goals. Up to the year 2030 are to be ejected in the Alpine Republic, 36 per cent less carbon dioxide than in 2005.

Electricity is produced in the Alpine Republic, mostly from hydro, so electric cars are also in the overall relatively clean. In Germany, where about 40 percent of electricity from coal-generated, electric cars have a lower climate advantage over cars with combustion engines in Austria.


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