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Porsche is preparing the launch of the new 911. In the past, the sport has shocked quarries manufacturers, car Fans, often with great Technique. Not this time – there are microphones in the wheel arches.



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Tom Grünweg

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Thursday, 11.10.2018
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It has a bit of an agent-Thriller, if August Achleitner working day begins. Even at dawn, scurrying, he and his colleagues in the underground Parking garage of your hotel in San Francisco, rise in camouflaged cars and make their way in the Californian mountain ranges.

Achleitner is on a secret Mission. The Porsche man is responsible for the 911 and turns just before the world premiere at the end of November in the United States, the last rounds of testing with the new Generation of the sports car that is internally managed as a series of 992. In the spring you should come in the trade.

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Porsche 911:
Pretty loaded – but without electricity

Such so-called prototypes on HP-Fans are always a great attraction. But hardly somewhere the fan base is hungry for Information and indiscretion, such as the Porsche 911. Finally, it is the sports car par excellence and, therefore, has a large, interested, and critical circle of friends. Traditionally, the Elfer-friends new features with a pronounced skepticism to accompany it. That was in 1998, when Porsche converted its engines from air to water cooling, and the was of 2015, as the naturally aspirated engines were suddenly replaced in the variants with supercharged engines with Turbos.

911 Fans will have expected a sports car under power

Accordingly, the nervousness before the Premiere of Generation, 992 is now. After Porsche drives around the project Mission E the electrification of more consistent than a lot of other manufacturers have expected, most of the 911-Fans of a sports car.


Series Manager August Achleitner

But if you see Achleitner and his troupe from the garage, or better hear, that sound like the familiar Boxer-Roar and not to the Sound of Silence. A few may disappoint, but most calm down: The Revolution is coming, and Porsche leaves it again at a Evolution: The new penalty is not, therefore, at least under the wrapping foil in the Rough, and just as the old one and the Original, thanks to the deep formed closer to the fenders even a little bit. He sounds and mainly he drives. In the rear the 3.0-Liter is a great unit from the predecessor – only that it was of course optimized a bit. Thus, the new emission standard Porsche forces for the first Time to use a particle filter, and recently the engine with a eight – combined instead of seven-stage double clutch transmission.

The Revolution, however, is postponed only. The architecture of the new Elfers was designed very well to electrification, says Achleitner during the test drive. He is the only one with the battery not yet satisfied. His colleagues at the Panamera or Cayenne would have no problems with the batteries, because their cars offer plenty of space and a few pounds more or less. “But under the sheet metal of the axle back it is tight, and a sports car, every kilogram counts,” says Achleitner.

Pleasant driving feel in everyday life

The earliest in three, four years ago, when the first great model of care is present, attributed to the project Manager with a Plug-in Version and then, with the usual criticism of conservative customers. But the can make it actually cold, says Andreas Bippes, which operates in the Internet the Porsche Forum PFF: “Just as quickly as the fan blows up, so fast she calms down again. And so, according to you all the rant, so according to the jubilation after the first test drive.”

If the motors are old and the Design does not change large, which Achleitner and his colleagues have done otherwise? “We have improved the drivability,” says the project leader, and promises to be both more sportiness as well as suitability for everyday use. For the one Extreme is a revised steering rack is available that is more precise and gives a better feel for the road, in addition, the penalty has a newly tuned suspension and a mixed-size tyres, the rear larger than the front. So the penalty can bring back his strength better on the road and in the front it is easier to draw.

For the pleasant driving feel in everyday life is an even better decoupling of the engine from the cabin, and the restrained use of assistance systems, for example. Although Achleitner sees little sense in it to take the driver’s, of all places, in a sports car, the tax of the Hand. But at least in the case of the trail guide and the maintenance of the Minimum distance, it is now supported electronically.

Microphones in the wheel wells

In addition, Porsche has developed a completely new assistance system that warns the driver of water on the road. “A lot of power, wide tires and low Grip are a dangerous combination,” says Achleitner. So even the most inexperienced Porsche customers do not come, literally, to Swim, listen to microphones in the wheel wells and to detect whether the spray of water patters against the panel. Then you not only warn the driver, but change the programming of various security systems, including the driving stability program ESP.

At least in theory, it should be so. In practice, this is one of the few Details that are not able to try Achleitner and his colleagues on their secret Mission in California. Because the weather is too good. But soon it goes back to Germany, and the next fall of rain comes.

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