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Tuscany is goals for Italy vacationers one of the most popular holiday – and to reach from almost all corners of the Republic is still well with the car. Who is on holiday has enough of art and culture, the museums behind and starts on its own axis to the connoisseurs slalom.

Tom Grünweg

Tom Grünweg

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Tuesday, 19.07.2005
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The ideal Route through Tuscany, there is not, of course. Even the motorway to Florence earned the title of “tourist interest”, most are quickly traced the roads curvy and as passionate as a race track, the country roads winding up narrow and steep, such as sine curves through the mountains. And who dare to his site finally let the right one pigeon is in between, even today, hundreds of kilometers of Gravel road that would be traveled in Germany as a dirt road only with a special permit, in Tuscany, but as the capillaries of the dense road network is quite legal for the scouts in the Car, visitors awaken.

Tom Grünweg

Old town of Siena: the cars have to stay outside

No matter where the Route goes, the Panorama is almost always stunning, and can switch to the next curve: the view over wine sweeps mountains, where in summer the thickness of grapes from the lush Green out from it, then it attaches itself to a long series of dead-straight cypress trees, the trellis in front of the traveler, literally. It rests on rolling hills with from the heat-blackened fields, glides over silvery olive groves, captures the lunar landscape of the “Crete Sienese” or disappears over the sun flower fields that lay to the horizon a yellow carpet in the landscape.

A reasonably representative Tour through Tuscany results like a connoisseur slalom between the kitchen and the cellar of Florence through the Chianti wine area to a Gelateria to Siena and from there to the Pecorino Pienza and the Vino Nobile in Montepulciano. The Route is not only a tourist scenic and culinary, full of content, but also as a track itself is an experience. Finally, it moves again and again in the footsteps of the legendary Mille Miglia – the famous vintage car race, a frantic caravan car drives every year in may, a mobile of precious objects from the Northern Italian city of Brescia through Tuscany and Umbria to Rome and back again.

The Tour is long, but still comfortably in a day. Who is more likely to stop at one or other of the winemaker now and more than just “Fast”Food to take to the Bay in advance of a accommodation in Siena, and can be used for the auto mobile Tuscany dreams in two days time. The first car of choice on these routes are, of course, a Roadster or a convertible. However, a combination can be advantageous. Finally, the Route leads through the heart of the production area of Chianti Classico. At the latest, the second stop in an Enoteca, or on a Fattoria makes it clear why the boot capacity in litres is measured.

Tom Grünweg

Typical Tuscany: picturesque wineries

The Tour starts in the early hours of the morning with a quick coffee at the Piazzale Michelangelo, 104 meters above the roofs of Florence. There you see not only in the Background, a copy of Michelangelo’s “David”, but also enjoys a fascinating view over the Arno river, the Ponte Vecchio, the Duomo and the sleeping city. After that, it goes through a couple of suburbs in the direction of the South-East on the SS 222, the Chiantigiana through the heart of the Tuscany to around 70 km to Siena. Soon, the first shield with the “Gallo Nero”, the Black rooster, marks the growing borders of the Chianti Classico is the edge of the road. Who follows all too often, the directions to a “Vedita Diretta” and the curve in the nearest cellar, reached on the well-developed road cross through the vineyards just in time for second Breakfast, the little town of Greve. There lure in the middle of the Piazza is a cosy Bar with a creamy cappuccino, the Antica Macelleria Falorni, with the best wild boar salami, Tuscany Enoteca with an incredible selection of local wines.

However, it is too early to breast-feed in Greve Hunger completely and fill the trunk completely. A few kilometres further on the next Fattoria waits with local delicacies. Also Castellina is a former border town between Florence and Siena is worth a stop. And on the horizon the rim of the red roofs, the black-and-stretches-and-white striped marble Cathedral and the top of the tower of the town hall in the old town of Siena, between the peaks of the waves.

While the cars at the Mille Miglia may through the middle of the narrow street canyons showers and the cars look to run on the famous Campo in front of the town hall appear, remains the ordinary tourist, only the walk in the old town. But at least there is around the historic hill, a half-dozen Parking garages. From there, it comes in just a few minutes walk to the centre. Anyone who stays overnight in a side street of the gourmet temple “Osteria Le Logge” in which, occasionally, the Tuscan group of the SPD and the Greens is in session. Otherwise, a visit to the Nannini’s is recommended. In the Bars belonging to the father of rock singer Gianna and the driver Alessandro, there is not only an invigorating Espresso, but also a delicious Meringata ice cream.

Tom Grünweg

Cheese metropolis of Pienza: In every second house in the city to buy the delicacy

From Siena, continue the path on the Route of the Mille Miglia, achieved in the SS 2 of the city. This route follows in the opposite direction, a good 30 kilometers, to just behind Bounconvento the road 146 to the West. There it goes again 15 kilometers over rolling hills, along well-tended vineyards to Pienza, which is perched like a jewel on a nearly 500-Meter-high hill. The old houses along the few hundred metres long pedestrian street, and the surprising views in the small gaps between them are not only a feast for the eyes, but the walk is also a treat for the nose. As the favourite city of the Renaissance, Pope Pius II is also the centre of the Tuscan cheese production. In every second house is food, therefore, is a delicate business, housed, from the the in large Terracotta vessels with ashes, herbs, or truffle-bearing Pecorino Sienese smells. Although you can taste at every corner, but you should buy the cheese better outside directly from the farmers or, for example, in the small factory on the way to Montepulciano, last stage of this Tour.

On these not even 15 kilometers, Tuscany is shown from its most beautiful side: If you have a camper in front of you, every curve is a delight. The radii are short, the slopes lush and the covering grip. Even if the police are likely to patrol this circuit only rarely, is a hurry out of place – the panoramic view is too beautiful. In addition, the cheese of Pienza has to be digested, before in Montepulciano the next hook to the kitchen and the cellar is beaten. Finally, only the wonderful dusty Antica Cafe Pollizano with the romantic, small panoramic balcony and a couple of posh restaurants, but especially the Vino will not attract as Nobile – one of the most difficult and most substantial red wines of Tuscany. At the latest a extended break.

Tom Grünweg

Pleasure on 200 km: it Must be according to the Tuscan, Umbria or Rome?

After this, 200 kilometers, still enough of curves, the kitchen and the cellar, which departs the next Morning on the Trasimeno lake, makes a stopover in the raised on a mountain ledge nearby Cortona and must make a difficult decision: To go back to the North, and only Arezzo, with its dreamy antique shops to the impressive Piazza, the journey home to sweeten? To the West, to Perugia, Assisi, Gubbio and Umbria to the Adriatic sea? Or even a week in the South of it, enjoys cities such as Orvieto or Todi, bathe in the hot sulfur springs of Saturnia, and daring plunges boldly into the traffic turmoil of Rome? But that would be the next dream road through Italy.

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