Environmentalists recommend new diesel cars for sale

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The ecologically-oriented transport club VCD advises for the first time in three years for the purchase of diesel cars. The exhaust gas cleaning working now much better. The recommendations in the Overview.



Thursday, 18.10.2018
10:28 PM

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The diesel engine comes out apparently from the sleazy corner. For the first time in three years, the environmentally-oriented transport club Germany (VCD) recommends vehicles with the technology.

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VCD environmental list:
To advises these cars, the Eco-traffic club

“New Diesel Cars from cutting in laboratory tests and are on the road clean,” writes the club, in its publication on the VCD Auto environment list 2018/2019. The emission of nitrogen oxides spent on vehicles that meet the exhaust emission standard Euro 6d-temp, significantly lower than in older models.

This applies in particular for real-world driving conditions on the road. “The emission values of individual vehicles are not even on the level of the values of a petrol engine.” At this realization, other environmental organizations and the ADAC last.

Manufacturers build more efficient nitrogen oxide catalysts

In order to meet the current emission standard, the manufacturer more efficient nitrogen oxide catalytic converters in the cars. Before the mass Manipulation of diesel cars from the autumn of 2015 cover was blown, they had spared the associated costs.

VCD recommends the 21 diesel cars that emit only little nitrogen oxide, but also relatively consume little fuel. On the economical, the Peugeot 308 SW Blue HDi 100, which can fly 100 kilometers, officially 4.4 litres of Fuel.

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Emission standard Euro 6d-temp:
The favorite cars of the Germans – not all of it is available as a clean Diesel

In the list, is a German manufacturer appears only BMW’s with two 2-piece models (Active Tourer 216d 6-speed Manual and the Gran Tourer 216d Manual), 3 series (320d Efficient Dynamics Edition Manual) and the X2 sDrive 18d Manually represented.

The VCD compilation is, again, not a Ranking, but a “positive list” of recommended cars. The traffic club data of several manufacturers – including Volkswagen, were missing according to its own data, so not all the vehicles could be assessed. The reason is the conversion of all of the consumption values on the closer to reality the WLTP test procedure in September 2018, which have not managed to some manufacturers in a timely manner, apparently, was.

VCD also recommends gasoline, Hybrid and natural gas car

On the list of many petrol engines, of which the VCD Ecoboost in the Ford Focus 1.0 litre Toyota Aygo 1.0 litre VVT-i, Peugeot 108 Access VTi 72 and the Citro├źn C1 Start VTi 72, as particularly economical. The latter three micro-car launch of all the cars with a combustion engine, the least-CO2 – 110 grams per Kilometer.

Finally, the club recommends that the Toyota Prius is a hybrid car. Is also called the natural gas-Up from VW.

Electric car points in the case of CO2 emissions

Also the most environmentally friendly electric cars of the VCD. Well, the Renault Zoe, the BMW i3 and E-Golf and E-Up from VW. Per Kilometer these four models emit indirectly, to between 70 and 80 grams of CO2 incurred in the production of electricity. Based on the German electricity mix is to be placed from 2017.

Although the VCD rehabilitated the Diesel for the Moment, not expected, and he doesn’t want a Renaissance of the technology. Currently he is as a transitional technology in some type classes, although again useful. However, the drive for ecologically sound small car models increasingly unattractive, as the exhaust gas purification raises the price of the vehicles. Foreseeable small electric cars are the cleaner solution.


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