EU Commissioner ordered Ministers to diesel summit

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In Europe, the EU Commission have been drawn from the point of view enough the consequences from the diesel crisis. It is now the end of November, a top of the affected Ministers ‘ meeting.

EU Commissioner Elzbieta Bienkowska will also hold a European-level diesel summit. She has for the 27. November is a peak of the competent Ministers from the member States convene.

More than three years after the discovery of the diesel affair, be wanted to consult with the competent Ministers, “what would have to do the car manufacturers and member States, to put things right,” said a spokesperson on Wednesday evening. First, the Funke media group had reported on the planned Meeting.

The Commission’s view, Europe had been still not sufficiently the consequences of the diesel crisis. “We’re not moving fast enough,” said Bienkowska, the newspaper report that at a meeting of experts.

Scheuer hits car Manager in Berlin

You wanted to talk about the trade with older diesel cars, drawn to the area because of high pollution levels in Western Europe, from the traffic, but then to Eastern Europe and sold. Necessary treatment for all EU would be “equal citizens, and not substandard products in some countries”, – quotes the spark of the Commissioner.

On Thursday, Federal Minister of transport, Andreas Scheuer (CSU) in Berlin, again with the top managers of the German automotive industry wants to come along. At the Meeting in the morning, it comes to planned Hardware retrofits vehicles with older diesel.

Hardware retrofits – modifications to engine and exhaust system are part of the new package of measures of the coalition, to prevent further Diesel-driving bans. However, the manufacturer has thus far refused to assume the full cost of this, as the government calls it. Questions of liability are controversial. BMW rejects a Hardware retrofits complete.


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