EU plans new rules for exhaust emission limits

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The EU is working on new CO2 limits – and the manufacturer with mix vigorously. After 2021 there will be possibly no fixed CO2 fleet limits. Among which the car industry is faltering.

The EU Commission is examining a new method for the determination of emission limit values for new cars. Accordingly, the manufacturer would have to adhere to a fixed value for the carbon dioxide emissions of your range (fleet average), but only a percentage of the improvements. There are still different possibilities but in the conversation, such as the EU climate Commissioner Miguel Arias Cañete on Wednesday said in Brussels. There are longer-term targets.

Currently, there are in the European Union, a Car target for the year 2021. Until then, the manufacturer must achieve a fleet average of a value of not more than 95 grams of CO2 per kilometre for new cars. This corresponds to a consumption of 4.1 liters per hundred kilometers of gasoline and 3.6 liters of Diesel.

Cañete explained the Considerations with the gradual introduction of a new test procedure (WLTP), to measure the CO2 emissions better than the precursor. This measurement procedure is introduced this year and apply from there for the approval of new vehicle types. Since the WLTP closes many of the loopholes of the previous test procedure, the NEDC, to expect the manufacturer with higher CO2 figures.

The spicy thing is: The concept would be a claim by the Association of the German automotive industry (VDA). The had demanded a move away from the fixed fleet limit values and the percent of the model proposed. Manufacturers of larger cars would benefit from it. The losers would be, of all things, those corporations that have been done in the last few years, great efforts to reduce the fleet consumption. At least, that critics fear. Cañete’s authority to present to the end of the year, legislative proposals. There is also a quota for electric cars could be included.

The car industry wants to propose soft target CO2

According to information from the LEVEL of the EU-climate-Commissioner’s meeting in the coming weeks, with the heads of the auto industry. This want to offer – it is made of circles that are familiar with the material – of the EU, to reduce CO2 emissions by 20 percent by 2030. “This is much too little on the necessary path of Decarbonisation,” says the head of transport policy, Dietmar Oily from the naturschutzbund Deutschland (NABU).

The man, in addition, generated carbon dioxide is essential for the greenhouse effect responsible. Traditionally, the auto industry fights back against stricter emission regulations. Between 2015 and 2020/21 CO2 was tightened-goal by approximately 30 percent, a reduction of 20 percent in twice the time, therefore, was not acceptable, so Oily. It calls for an interim goal of no later than 2025.

The “business week” reported on Thursday about the idea. The Dutch MEP Bas Eickhout from the Greens described, therefore, the change in method as a “Trick of the auto-lobby”: “The manufacturers of large cars, and the manufacturers have so far achieved little, would be rewarded.”


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