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A regulation of the European Commission to milder exhaust of the Euro-6 emissions standard is according to the EU court of a violation of the law. Had sued the cities of Paris, Brussels and Madrid. Manufacturers now need to rethink their diesel engines strategy.

The EU Commission has eased, according to a ruling by the EU court in the case of the introduction of new Auto emission tests the limits of the Euro 6 standard to the wrong. This is the judges in Luxembourg decided, in accordance with an action brought by the cities of Paris, Brussels and Madrid. These cities may challenge the limits now and if in doubt, also driving bans for the latest diesel impose cars that have been officially approved.

This industry prevails in the car mobile first, uncertainty about future requirements on cars with petrol and diesel engines. The producers were with the now discarded rules are satisfied. They had reached that cars are allowed to emit in the real road traffic more NO2 than on the test bench.

New limits should complicate manipulations

The EU had set to-Commission conversion factors. Instead of the Euro-6 regulations prescribed 80 milligrams of nitrogen dioxide per kilometre, the diesel cars for a transitional period, 168 milligrams and then 120 mm in may to launch gram. Previously, there had only been the test bench measurements, whose values were manipulated, many car builders.

The Commission had justified the increased limit values with measurement uncertainties for tests in real road traffic. If the cars are allowed to emit more of the tear gas, it makes the cities harder, the statutory requirements for the air quality to be observed.

The court stated that the regulation proposal of the Commission of 2016 had gone beyond the powers of the EU Executive. In addition, the human rights and other EU laws were violated.

A minimum of 14 months, nothing will change initially, however, in order to ensure legal security is maintained. So we wish to ensure that it remains a valid limit values. What happens after the expiry of this period, however, is not clear.

“In principle, the possibility that the cities could then also Express for Euro-6 Diesel driving bans,” said Stefan Bratzel, Director of the Center of Automotive Management (CAM). The increasing of the diesel problems. “I see, the Problem is that as a result, the uncertainty of the diesel drivers will continue to increase,” says Bratzel.

From government circles, it is said, the judgment will not be banned automatically to driving for Euro-6 Diesel. It is the principle of proportionality, as the Federal administrative court in its judgment of February had emphasized. Berlin, however, is currently reviewing bans for Euro 6 vehicles.

The EU court did not want to comment on is forbidden to demand of the MIRROR driving for the time after the expiry of the 14 months.


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