Extreme athlete departs 1088 kilometres in 24 hours

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Nicola forest has returned as the first woman in the world almost 1100 kilometers by muscle power – within a day. But perfect it is not for the Athlete anyway.



Tuesday, 31.07.2018
11:02 PM

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It was the long-awaited world record for Nicola wood, 1088 kilometres you drove in the 24 hours. A greater distance traveled in this period, so far, no other woman with pure muscle power, the previous world record, the 44-Year-old was 76 kilometers. The big goal is to beat the world record of the men also failed, however, in spite of a maximum speed of 56 km/h and 227 rounds on the Opel test track in Dudenhofen.

Because of 1219 km in 24 hours – which would, however, have been only in ideal conditions. Temperatures of over 30 degrees Celsius and torrential rain showers in between lowered, however, the pace of the 14-kilogram Velomobile. “It’s a pity that it rained – otherwise it would have been more to it,” said Nici forest in the target. It is satisfied anyway, because “to crack the 24-hour world record for women was my goal,” says the 44-Year-old. So she now holds the world records in the women over twelve, and 24 hours.

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In the carbon tube for the world record


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