Federal motor transport authority approved Diesel catalytic converters for Retrofitting

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Minister of transport, Scheuer thinks nothing of retrofit kits for older diesel cars. The technology would benefit the owners. According to SPIEGEL information, the motor vehicle has approved Federal now first systems.

To the outside the Federal government holds on the subject of Diesel-retrofitting-iron in your line. The Federal Minister of transport, Andreas Scheuer (CSU) rejects the so-called SCR catalytic converters in older diesel vehicles to install, too expensive. It’ll take nothing to invest in old cars instead of new, modern Diesel, the CSU politician. For well-to-do company car owners, is this true. Let your employer a new car purchase, supported by the Rest of the taxpayers. But all who have spared their Diesel hard, and now because of the threat of driving bans, high value incur losses to your car, can be shy in the rain. In the Federal Chancellery, the fear of these voters is growing. Around the Chancellor, the number of supporters of the Hardware takes to retrofit.

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Now, the Federal government in this matter under pressure. Because the force travel Federal office in Flensburg, Germany, has granted, according to the MIRROR recently, a General operating permit for two manufacturers that have developed the SCR catalysts. The company is the Finnish technology company Proventia and the medium-sized company, HJS, headquartered in the Sauerland region.

The technology to reduce nitrogen oxide emissions from diesel vehicles so far, that they would no longer be affected by inner-city driving bans. German Chancellor Angela Merkel (CDU), this question is open: Until September, you want to know from scouring, and a Commission of experts, whether the hardware retrofit would be a useful measure against too high a nitrogen oxide values. This solution could not have come at cities with high pollution, such as Stuttgart or Munich. The state government of Baden-W├╝rttemberg has asked Scheuer to allow, by regulation, retrofitted cars to draw in such a way that the police could, in the case of driving bans in restricted areas of the city run.

Alliance wants to offer diesel drivers also retrofits

This week, an Alliance led by the catalyst manufacturer Twintec has introduced a retrofit solution officially. For under 2000 euros, the company offers, among other things, VW and Skoda drivers the conversion of your diesel car. Twintec has therefore also a request for a General operating permit for its cleaning system in which uric acid (brand name “AdBlue”) in a catalyst-sprayed and nitrogen oxides harmless.

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