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Fifteen new Ferrari will be a day by 2022. Among these, the hybrid, a SUV, but also of pure sports and a hypercar.

Ferrari has recently announced its strategy for the future and plans to exit 15 new features by 2022. The offer will be more varied, including a SUV and hybrid models, but the firm promises to maintain its exclusivity.

Louis Camilleri, the newly appointed ceo of Ferrari following the disappearance of Sergio Marchionne, has revealed the product plan of the prancing horse brand for years to come. And although it retains the project of SUV’s and provides for a general reduction of the CO2 emissions of the range, the tifosi adores does not have a priori no reason to be alarmed as to the sportiness of the future models.

One of the main goals of the Ferrari is increasing its production, in order to achieve the 10 000 copies per year by 2022. An increase that would not prejudice the rarity and exclusivity of the cars from Maranello, according to leaders of the brand.


Sport, GT, hypercar… and SUV’s

The future range will be structured around four families of models : Sport, GT, Special Series (such as the 488 Pista) and Icona. The latter has just been inaugurated, with the presentation of the amazing Monza SP1 and SP2. The hypercars will not be forgotten, sincea successor of the LaFerrari is also provided.

Among the 15 new models planned between 2019 and 2022, the SUV dubbed internally Thoroughbred remains in the program, but its release has apparently been pushed back to 2022. It should still stand out from its competitors with an approach even more exclusive, and should be a pure product Ferrari. The models of the family GT (such as the Portofino and GTC4 Lusso) will benefit for their share of a design is more elegant, inspired by the GT of the mark of the years 50 and 60.


The V6 and the hybrid, but still V12 !

Technically, the future models will be based on two platforms : a preview for the sports rear mid-engine, while the other will be intended for cars with front engine, which can have awd and accommodate up to four people.

Side engines, the hybridization will make its appearance in the range and is expected to take more and more importance in the future. The brand plans to, in effect, to sell 60 % of hybrids in 2022 and an all-new V6 will be even developed specifically. In spite of everything, it will only be a complement to the current block V8 and the V12, which will continue to be optimized. Suffice to say that the future promises to be exciting at Ferrari !


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