Fiat Fastback concept : a coupe SUV Fiat for South America

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The Fiat Fastback concept indicates clearly the intention of the manufacturer to launch a coupe SUV in the brazilian market.

Hunting preserve of the brands top quality in Europe, the coupe SUV also inspire the builders general. Fiat will offer his own in Brazil.

The coupe SUV has the wind in its sails. Thus, after the Renault Arkana unveiled at the Moscow motor show, the Skoda Kodiaq GT introduced in China, this is the Fiat Fastback revealed at the salon de Sao Paulo(Brazil).

But none of these three models will be marketed in the Old Continent. With us, the JUICE (SUV cut) remain the prerogative of the manufacturers premium germans. Mercedes-Benz GLC Coupe and GLE Coupe, the BMW X4 and X6, or Audi Q8 bear witness to this.

A muzzle of Toro The Fiat Fastback heals his look.

For constructors, the general practitioners, the salvation of the JUICE passes through the distant lands. The Fiat Fastback will try his luck in Brazil. He uses the aesthetic codes of the must-sees of the genre. Namely, the flag fleeing, the small glass area on the sides and the stern is curved. To smooth out visually the height, the flanks are adorned with the veins on the line of care and are dug at the level of the bottom of the desk. The rear part unique contrast with the bow, lighting on two floors, recalls inevitably that of the pick-up Fiat Toro sold in South America. A family atmosphere essential to harmonize the local range.


The dashboard of the Fiat Fastback concept has a sound bar, horizontal and three-screen digital translucent.

Has the edge, it is, indeed, a concept car with three screens, digital transparencies that are still very far from a production series.

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