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Mercedes has unveiled its first electric car for the mass. The EQC is supposed to be the proof that it says Daimler is serious about E-mobility. The competition is already one step further.

It has been about two years, as Daimler CEO Dieter Zetsche announced at the Paris motor show, the electric Revolution for Mercedes: “We throw the switch,” he said at the time. Then, the manufacturer from Stuttgart, at least nothing visible happened only once, not much in the car.

The development engineers had to do at the time, all hands full, now reveals the EQC – the first large-scale series, developed in the battery-car from Mercedes. In Stockholm, the car was unveiled now.

“He is part of a growing family of purely electrically driven vehicles at Mercedes-Benz,” said Board member for development, Olla K√§llenius, in the context of the presentation and announced more than 50 electrified vehicles. Mercedes invested for the EQ models over ten billion euros, a billion euros, the manufacturer is in the battery production.

The maximum speed is 180 km/h

The current model with two electric motors, which are mounted on both axes and 408 HP. Its maximum torque of 765 Nm, which allows a Start, they are likely to make the tuning group AMG envious: Only 5.1 seconds of almost 4.80 meters long and 2.5 tons, is in need of colossus, until he is on pace to be 100. After that, the EQC makes it slow down. With regard to the range, Mercedes has limited the speed to 180 km/h.

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Mercedes EQC:
SUV for the socket

The 80 kWh battery pack should provide a range of more than 450 kilometers. Mercedes is doing a lot of that comes close to this value in practice as much as possible. The SUV has different driving profiles with different dynamics, in several stages adjustable recuperation of the energy in the Generator is recovered to blow over instead of to the brake disc in heat. In addition, an intelligent Navigation and a perspective to ensure the cruise control system for a smart energy management. The cruise control takes into account, in addition to the distance to the vehicle in front, the topography, and the waypoints of the route, for example, he makes the car just before a curve, not more speed.

If the battery is in spite of everything, eventually empty, the EQC on the outlet and there, in view of the high battery capacity for a relatively long time Parking. Who have the time, ordered a separate charger for home, the so-called Wallbox, or searches for a suitable pillar for the series loaders-uniform, direct current. Depending on the charge level of the EQC, then charges, according to information from Daimler, with a maximum capacity of up to 110 kW, and can fill its battery in about 40 minutes, from ten to 80 per cent.

“A pioneer of an avant-garde electro-Aesthetics”

The E-car is a Mercedes, an SUV, is due to the huge demand for the all-terrain vehicle. In the Form and Format it is strongly reminiscent of the GLC. Among the competitors of the Jaguar i-Pace, the Audi e-tron and the Tesla Model X. unlike Jaguar and Tesla selected Mercedes similar to how Audi has a relatively conventional Design. Finally, the Swabians want to take their old, not necessarily adventurous clientele with in the new time. Chief designer Gorden Wagener sees the EQC the “pioneer of an avant-garde electro-Aesthetics”.


The interior of the Mercedes EQC

For this, he has designed the Grill black and the full surface, such as the Display of a smartphone, has set the blue light torches in the LED headlights and blue lines, and cable lines in the rims to be drawn. In addition, the SUV gets about the 500-litre boot for a coupe-rear. Who finds a GLC nice, also like the EQC, and can be Daimler, finally, the GLC is currently the world’s most successful SUV of the group.

The inside of the EQC is a combination of the models of GLC and A-class: The Layout of the cockpit is the same as in all-terrain vehicles, the technology comes from the Compact – only the Design has been enriched with plenty of copper on the consoles and should provide for an electro-Aesthetics. There is a huge Cockpit, wide-screen optics and finally a touch screen. In the new sub-menu of the loading process plan or the air conditioning of the car. In particular, there is the fascinating voice control, which allows dialogues, as we know from Apple’s Siri or Amazon’s Alexa. Who does not want to just rummage through the endless number of sub items in the menu, just says what he wants and hopes that the car understands him.

For Mercedes, the EQC is more than a car

The proximity to the GLC, however, has also disadvantages: there is the front between the Seats in an endless width of the center console, otherwise the gearbox. In the rear of the unused transmission tunnel, the four-wheel drive crosses the footwell. In addition, Mercedes is storage space wasted under the hood that would be due to the elimination of the internal combustion engine actually available, but for the sake of production is different.

The further development of the existing platform is a big win: “we can build the EQC in Bremen and later also in Beijing completely flexible on a Band with GLC and C-class and, accordingly, slightly to the development of the demand to respond,” says project Manager Michael Kelz. Who hopes, however, that this advantage for flexibility and automation also suggests in a more attractive price, the Mercedes may disappoint. The price is expected to be around 70,000 Euro.

For Mercedes, the EQC is more than a car. He is the core of a new brand: just like AMG is for the speeders and Maybach for the Rich EQ with “Electric Intelligence” for the technology brand name for electric mobility in the Daimler group and about the product in addition to comprehensive solutions for travel and for the Download offer, says sales boss Britta Seeger.

The Mercedes will only be delivered starting in the spring

The whole hoo-hah in Stockholm should show how serious Mercedes with the electrification means. However, it can cause us to overlook a Problem: the Mercedes was with cars like the electric Smart and the upgraded B-class early in the process, but is now late with the first electric series-production model. So E-car buy-a-customer-for example, the Jaguar i-Pace, and the Audi e-tron to come to the end of the year. The Mercedes is delivered, however, until the late spring.

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