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The base price of 315.350 Euro is not a big Surprise.
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On the road, this Rolls-Royce offers what you would expect: Majestic, he is progressing, the engine whispers. And in the premises of the Cullinan is not untalented.

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          The view on the basis of price is not a big Surprise: On 315.350 Euro, this amounts for the new Rolls-Royce SUV Cullinan. However, entering the English BMW, a subsidiary of Neuland. It is the first SUV from Goodwood, of course, it has all-wheel drive, there is a trailer coupling for a towing capacity of 2.7 tons, and the majority of customers will probably order a vile three-Bank for the Fund, which can be electrically folded down, asymmetrically divided.

          Boris Schmidt

          Editor in the Department “technology and Motor”.

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          Rolls-Royce boss Torsten Müller-Ötvös believes that the new Cullinan, named after the largest ever found diamonds, become the best-selling Rolls-Royce, “because he is the most practical one.” The majority of the customers will order the three-seat bench, individual seats at the rear and the Bar in the center console there, but of course. The previous customer response was very promising, those who order it today, had to wait until the fall of 2019.

          Is supplied, then a is 5.34 meters long, two meters wide and 1.84 meters high colossus, which is not evident, however, in its press-presentation in the vast Expanses of Wyoming between all the huge Trucks and Pick-ups at all. Especially if he has previously made himself a little dirty. Light to medium-heavy terrain we may trust the noble SUV, even if it has a gearbox, no ratio. The V12 engine with 571 HP from a 6,75-Liter displacement and a maximum torque of 850 Newton metres from just 1600 Rpm don’t need something like that also.

          The off-road button in the centre console, uses air suspension, the 2.7-tonne car to a 40 mm increase, in addition, different drive can be selected programs depending on the substrate. In addition, the Cullinan has a hill descent control for off-road, which helps to a certain speed up to a maximum of 20 km/h.

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          In fact, the Rolls-Royce is not untalented in the field, 22-inch wheels for good ground clearance. It whines when Crawling over Stock and stone but and groans in the rafters of the classic-style dashboard, should be noted. To the first disposal only pre-series vehicles, of course. On the road the Cullinan offers what you would expect of a Rolls-Royce: Majestic, he is progressing, the engine whispers.

          Anyone who believes, to the accelerator full-press, can be limited in 5.2 seconds from 0 to 100 km/h sprint, the top speed is 250 km/h. Also, this Rolls-Royce has no tachometer, but the Potentiometer that indicates how much power is still available. There are no digital instruments, a navigation Monitor, and some electronic AIDS such as a reversing camera or adaptive cruise control. The engine not only drives all four wheels, the rear swivel by up to three degrees with are to be also directed to all four wheels, when Parking, you do the opposite. Also, the doors open.

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          Access into the 600-litre load space granted to an electrically-opening tailgate, which is horizontally divided into two parts. The lower third is great for Sitting on while having a picnic, the the English like. After folding down the rear Bank, no flat loading surface, laminated with the electric Lifting of the soil that makes the edge disappear. The maximum load volume is 1600 liters.

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