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When buying a car families are increasingly opting for SUV’s instead of station wagons. A spacious and back-saving Alternative to the Pseudo-terrain, Kia’s long five-door Ceed SW is a car.



Friday, 02.11.2018
At 04:26

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The first impression: the size must be not plump. Kia design chief Peter Schreyer, has endowed the new model Ceed SW with no-frills elegance.

Says the manufacturer: Steffen Michulski, product Manager at Kia, the compact car series Ceed is happy to be back at the top of the German sales statistics of the brand to see. There is the small SUV model Stonic. However, with the station wagon variant SW of the Ceed is to catch up again. And in the next year, Kia introduces the normal five-door and the sport wagon a Shooting Brake (Steilheckcoupé). The car in the style of the Mercedes-Benz CLA or Hyundai i30 Fastback to make the Ceed family, as attractive as never before. “The Shooting Brake is almost as practical, but should catch even more eyes,” says Michulski about the difference between the future model and the current Ceed SW.


Tom Grünweg

The we noticed: because Of the compact class – the Ceed has the VW Golf, for example, grows as a station wagon but over the Segment. Not only because of the trunk space volume has risen, thanks to about ten centimetres longer body length to just under 100 litres. With values of 625 and 1694 liters of it out so some guy from the middle class. The equipment offers more than in the Segment of common. A nearly Autonomous operating traffic-jam pilot and heating for the rear seats. In addition, the Ceed is hit in the front with lacquer and leather. Controls like the climate control with a built-in digital display are attractively designed. Only the digital tools are missing somehow. In the rear area, in turn, gives the car the fine practitioners. The System of rails and rods anyway, with the Luggage in the depth of the room fix, this quality otherwise rather for luxury brands than for volume manufacturers.

Photo gallery

Autograph Kia Ceed SW:
Stretched out

The Ceed is the only drive and vote. Suspension and steering are solid and clean and adjusted, but no character of its own – presumably because it wants to make Kia’s all right. And so it goes in the Ceed it’s more about Arriving, not about being on the road. Since the five engines cover only a range of 100 to 140 HP, here it is with the joy of driving so far.

All the more reason points the Kia collects, at least, if buyers choose the one with 136 HP more powerful of the two diesel engines. He is cultured and powerful with up to 280 Nm of torque and has a bite. To 100 km/h is in 10.8 seconds, and then continue up to a maximum of 200 km/h. On the test bench, the Ceed SW is still 3.9 litres average fuel consumption is satisfied. In a few months, it will give the Motor as a Mild Hybrid powertrain with an electric Starter-Generator. Can’t move the car alone, but phases in which the Motor turns off. On top of that, his Boost will help during Start-up.

The need to know: The Ceed sport wagon is already at the dealers and is there, with prices starting at 16.990 EUR sold. The smooth requires 1000 Euro more than the Kia for the five-door model with hatchback.

Take a look in the interior of the Kia Ceed SW with our 360 degree photo:

The engine range is the same for both body styles the same. In the case of the petrol engines, there is a 1.4-Liter cups with 100 HP, a three-cylinder Turbo 1.0-Liter displacement and 120 HP and a turbocharged Version of the 1.4-Liter unit, which brings it to 140 HP of power. Who refuels prefer Diesel gets a 1.6-Liter four-cylinder with 115 or, as in the test car – with 136 HP.

We will not forget: While rehearsing the Kia Ceed in the third edition of a successful ascent, but at one point it goes vastly downhill. And that is a good thing – to the delight of the customers with back problems: The Kia’s developers have lowered the generation to the load edge of the station wagon by nearly nine inches. This makes the loading and unloading much more comfortable.

Vehicle registration certificate


Ceed SW


Four-Cylinder Diesel

Six-Speed Manual Transmission


1.590 ccm

136 HP (100 kW)

280 Nm

From 0 to 100:
10,8 s

Maximum speed:
200 km/h

Consumption (ECE):
3.9 liters

CO2 emissions:
104 g/km

625 liters

1.694 Liter

1.425 kg

4600 / 1800 / 1465

21.000 EUR

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