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The Zero SR is an E-bike for a beginner, the enthusiastic with a lot of torque – but it has its pitfalls.



Emil Nefzger

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Emil Nefzger

Born in 1991, studied history, communication science and journalism in Munich. Training at the German school of journalism. Since January 2018 in the case of MIRROR ONLINE as an editor in the area of mobility.

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Monday, 03.09.2018
At 04:03

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The first impression: the Same in White. A normal Naked Bike, so a bike without a full fairing. The real peculiarity, the electric drive, you will notice only at second glance.

The we noticed: A powerhouse is the SR with a 30 HP not really. Therefore, they may be driven with a motorcycle licence A2 for Bikes up to a maximum of 35 kW. However, the Figures should deceive nobody. While the E-Motor develops over a period of 30 minutes only 30 HP, several minutes at least 69 HP but are available and which are E typical of the engine, already at 3.850 Rpm.

The E-drive is the power from the SR, almost a Superbike. Because he delivers 146 Nm lot of torque. For comparison: Ducati super sports bike, the Panigale V4 S with 214 HP, while making three times as much as the SR – your torque is still with 124 Nm lower.

In everyday use, the torque is not noticeable – which is always an advantage. At the minimum a wet road for example, it is not a good idea, the Gas is turned up to the maximum, because the SR acknowledged that with a spinning rear tire and a wild lurching the rear. Breathers are there when Accelerating, not because the clutch and transmission of the Zero in vain.

The Motor delivers its power via a belt drive directly to the rear wheel, infinitely variable up to the maximum speed of 164 km/h. The non-stop brutal acceleration coupled with the electric hum that starts low and then higher and higher screwed, have real potential for addiction. Nevertheless, you should enjoy the SR with caution. Because if you accelerate hard, could soon land in the ditch. Electrical helpers are there are not up to the ABS from Bosch.

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Zero SR:
Electric Power Package

Curves are, however, not only when accelerating Out of tricky: Due to the lack of gears and the quiet electric sound does it take to feel the correct speed for each curve. But even if you get used to it, remains another issue. The SR may be for the sunshine in California, the home of the manufacturer, perfectly designed – with the German Mix of rain and patched country roads, but in the truest sense of the word, not warm. As standard, the machine rolls on Pirelli’s Diablo Rosso II tire offers plenty of liability and also on the race track, a good figure – but only on warm days. It is a bit cooler, he is not quite up to temperature and offers little feedback. In the rain he shall be liable only very reluctantly on the Asphalt if at all. A rather sub-optimal property.

The need to know: The machine is easy to tame or to individual needs, and by pressing a button on the Handlebar: The driving modes “Sport”, “Eco” or “Custom” to choose from. “Sport” is not just for beginners, the best Option – and “Eco” feels after a few miles in sport mode too much like a Moped: maximum speed and acceleration are very limited, and as soon as you let go of the Gas, the Motor kinetic energy to sail instead of the sports mode, just keep.

Remains “Custom”. Here’s the possible maximum speed, the maximum torque and the recuperation can be set using a slider in the associated Smartphone App. Simply motorcycle, and a Smartphone via Bluetooth and let’s go. On the App software can be transferred to connect, in addition to updates on the Bike and the outlet, the remaining charge time displays. And the is long – very long: Just under ten hours it takes for the battery for a further 180 km is charged. With the Batch-Tank Option for 2690 Euro in addition there is a port for fast charging: the battery with a capacity of 14.4 kWh is at least 2.5 hours to the comfortable Charge in the coffee break, that is not enough, however.

We will not forget: The stunned face of the BMW S 1000 R-driver, after he is two green lights from the SR are left. Because the machine does not show despite not touring range, fun to drive and zero Emissions also exclude on two wheels.

Vehicle registration certificate



Electric motor



Power (E-Motor):
69 HP (52 kW)

Torque (Electric Motor):
146 Nm

From 0 to 100:
3.3 s

Maximum speed:
164 km/h

CO2 emissions:
0 g/km


188 kg

18.790 GBP

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