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The Ministry of transport is, according to SPIEGEL information, the suspicion that Opel could have latest vehicles tampered with. So far, cars with Euro-6d-temp-Norm were considered to be clean.

The week, the group launched the Opel-bad. On Monday morning, investigators were searched in front of the factory gates, the company was for a Exhaust for diesel vehicles. Then, the Federal Ministry of transport out sent a Amour press release is “imminent recall,” for 100,000 vehicles from the years 2013 to 2016 ordered, this is now. Opel have taken a hearing to five illegal defeat devices “with new technical arguments”. You have informed the Prosecutor’s office in Frankfurt a few months ago.

As the week had begun, she stopped, with a further punitive measure by the Federal Ministry of transport. According to the MIRROR the house of the Minister, Andreas Scheuer (CSU) to the suspicion that the exhaust systems are manipulated currently in the sale of the existing diesel cars from Opel. It has instructed the Federal motor transport authority (KBA), to investigate the Software of the Opel Insignia with the latest emission standard, Euro 6d temp. Starting in September 2019, all Cars must be approved in accordance with this rule. For newly placed on the market types is mandatory now mandatory.

At the time of admission, the vehicles are checked in accordance with the so-called RDE test procedure (Real Driving Emissions). The car is not being tested in the laboratory on its pollutant emissions, but on the road by means of a mobile measuring device. This allows for more realistic information on the emissions from the exhaust. It is not excluded, however, that the car developer behavior of the Motor in such a way that the car Review, but in everyday life significantly more pollutants it emits.

Because the RDE test drive is not the Driving. So-called cut-Off devices in the engine software can reduce the exhaust-gas cleaning in driving situations that occurs in the RDE test drive. This was also the case with the Opel Zafira is the case, the MIRROR, the ARD and the German environment tested help: In the case of a slightly stronger acceleration, the engine electronics, turned on the exhaust-gas cleaning, and they remained practically switched off until the car was back at speed, as the car has you at a traffic light in idle. On a motorway journey the car would be, theoretically, about hours with switched-off nitrogen oxide cleaning on the go. Such a shut-off device is of the view that the KBA is not permitted and is now the subject of an official recall, the authority has prepared.

Environmental groups fear more cheating the car manufacturer

In the case of the detection of the diesel affair at Volkswagen, it was the shut-down device yet to a classic test of detection: the sensors of the vehicle perceives that he is in a test situation. The RDE method is also possible, for example, by the Sensors of the car detect that a measuring instrument is on Board. The risk with such a Manipulation to be included, is expected to take three years after the outbreak of the diesel scandal, not a manufacturer. Instead, environmental groups fear an optimization of the exhaust gas purification behavior of the RDE test situation. Also in this case, the cars in real driving would happen more pollutants.

The diesel models of Opel are in the sights of the authorities, since in may 2016, in the case of studies of the MIRROR, the ARD-magazine “Monitor” and the German environmental aid three shutdown facilities in the Software of Opel Zafira were noticed. At the time, the computer expert Felix Domke had analyzed the motor control of the family car.

Opel rejects the allegations

As a result, the KBA searched the car and found more manipulations, the last of them this spring. The new controls are for the debate on Diesel-driving bans is of great importance. So the corporations want to with a large-scale premium program for older Diesel models replace. Should also be the exhaust trickery found, should decide less and less to customers for a new Diesel. Opel said on request, to protest against the allegation of the use of illegal defeat devices.

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