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Actually, the Kraftfahrt-Bundesamt should check the car manufacturer. In the diesel affair, the authority will, however, to the Advertiser, By letter calls on holder of old vehicles to purchase new cars.

The Kraftfahrt-Bundesamt (KBA) has made in the exhaust gas scandal for a long time not a very good figure. Only recently it was with a number of coercive measures in the exhaust gas affair against the car manufacturer in its function as a control organ of the Federal Ministry of transport, apparently. Now, however, undermines a Letter from the authority again your credibility.

In November, the KBA sent out approximately 1.5 million letters to owners of diesel vehicles that do not comply with the latest exhaust emission standard. The Letter informed the exchange premiums of the manufacturer and the possibility to replace the old Diesel with a new one. Invitations will be sent to all the motorists, whose Cars are registered in a Region in which a nitrogen oxide-annual mean of 50 micrograms per cubic meter of air is exceeded. The KBA sees the letter as part of the information campaign on the diesel summit to implement the decisions.

Information is one thing, advertising another. In the KBA-letter from the fleet renewal is considered to be an important means to bring more vehicles with modern exhaust gas cleaning in the transport, and thereby improve the air. Who’ll take the exchange premium, would provide “an effective and significant contribution to the reduction of vehicle emissions and improve air quality in our cities”, – said in the Letter.

This is still not enough. Furthermore, it is pointed out to Hotlines and websites of three manufacturers – BMW, Daimler and VW. Are given the phone numbers and Internet addresses of the three major manufacturers, which feed directly to the Diesel-exchange programs of the company. After all, the holder is informed that he is free to stay, “to inform manufacturers about ongoing exchange of actions”.

Letter from the KBA to the holder of an old Diesel Car

“This is an incredible process. The Federal government operates the advertising for the car manufacturers”, says J├╝rgen Resch, managing Director of German environmental aid. He expected that the Federal government was committed to the Welfare of the citizens and the interests of the car manufacturer is responsible.

The manufacturer contradict

The KBA is doing so help protect, to the demand of the exchange premiums to boost? On demand at the manufacturers you covered. In the case of Daimler, it does not mean simply that the group is the sender of this letter, and you should, therefore, with questions to the KBA.

Volkswagen announced that the KBA had informed the manufacturer in the run-up to the talk, to send such a Letter. But “neither the content, nor the time, nor the recipients of the letter, we were informed as a manufacturer,” it says at VW. Writing based on the sole decision of the KBA, and the contents had “no influence”.

Something else that sounds at BMW, where a spokesman confirmed that it had already been discussed on the diesel summit at the beginning of October about this Letter and decided to send this. “We welcome this approach, because in order for the greatest possible part of the legitimate holder can be informed,” says a spokesman for BMW. “Only the KBA has vehicles full access to the data used.”

Exchange premium Renault is not mentioned

A possible technical upgrade – as was required in the diesel summit of the government parties – will only be made in the margin. It reads as follows: “The measure for the Hardware upgrade is currently in preparation and will be available in the course of the year 2019.”

Moreover, it is pointed out in the letter from the KBA only on the three large German manufacturers. The Federal Ministry of transport, the KBA, argues that the existence of those producers called, “the binding Commitments for premiums and discounts.” For example, the French car manufacturer Renault has responded as the first manufacturer to directly on the results of the diesel summit and offers private owners of older Diesel passenger Cars with the emission standards Euro 1 to Euro 5 when buying a new car of any engine type up to 10,000 Euro exchange premium.

The lack of mention in the Letter from the KBA addressed, does not mean it is in the case of Renault, you know, why are you going to in the Letter is not called. With regard to the letter from Renault have received “on the part of the KBA or of the Ministry no information”. It is only “by the Association of International motor vehicle manufacturers about the Letter,” inform.

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