Ford Mondeo : the break switches to the hybrid in 2019

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The Ford Mondeo SW Hybrid will go into production in February 2019 in Valencia (Espane) and it will be available in France at the end of march. In the photo, a ST-Line TDCi.

After the Mondeo sedan offered in a hybrid version for 2015, Ford declines this technology on the SW. Rather a good news in this period anti-diesel and fuel expensive.

The hybrid car, we talk a lot about but, at the time of choosing, we can see that the offer is quite poor and that the majority of the proposals comes from Toyota-Lexus, the world leader in hybrid technology. Ford is also a large manufacturer of hybrid cars, but, for the moment, mainly focused on the american market with the Merger (and the name of the Mondeo in the United States) and the popular Ford Escape hybrid.

In Europe, the proposed hybrid Ford came on tiptoe into 2015 with the Mondeo 4-door sedan. A model that we had tried and that we had found to be particularly sober. But three years ago, the competitive price of diesel is made marginally viable economically large hybrid sedans.

Today, everything is changing with the increase in the price of fuels and, especially, the equivalence of prices between diesel and lead-free. Moreover, Ford France announces that, since the beginning of the year, 60 % of the Mondeo sold are hybrids… yet only available in four-door, body, little popular home, and with a safety deposit box dinky because of the batteries (383 l).

“The Mondeo SW hybrid displays a power of 187 hp. It will be available in France in march 2019 at an estimated price of 37 000 €“

To better position themselves on the market of the road hybrid in France, Ford is therefore the responsibility with the declination SW of the Mondeo. Its mechanical hybrid is identical to that of the sedan, namely a gasoline engine 2.0-140 hp supported by a block power, and a lithium-ion battery of 1.4 kWh. The set has a power output of 187 hp and is driven by an automatic transmission-type CVT.

The Mondeo SW hybrid is advertised with an average fuel consumption of 4.4 l/100 km. Figure that it must, of course, to verify in real conditions. The advantage of the break will be especially to provide a volume to carry less ridiculous than that of the sedan, but Ford does for the time being no clarification about the disposal of batteries in the trunk.

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