Frankfurt will have to introduce a diesel-driving bans

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Also in Frankfurt am Main there will be a ban on older diesel vehicles. The decision of the administrative court following a complaint by the German environmental aid. Reason: to high levels of nitrogen oxide.

Frankfurt must provide a court ruling that a ban on older diesel vehicles for better air. The state of Hesse introduced air submitted quality plan had included a driving ban for diesel vehicles, the Euro 4 standard and older and for gasoline of the standard Euro 1 and 2 starting in February 2019. For Euro 5 Diesel is a driving should be ban from September 2019, decided by the administrative court of Wiesbaden.

“The driving ban is not necessary, because all the rest of the country are considering measures to effectively reduce the nitrogen dioxide emissions in a reasonable period of time,” said administrative judge Rolf Hartmann. Had sued the environmental organization Deutsche umwelthilfe, who complains in a total of 28 cities in Germany to comply with since 2010, the applicable limit value for nitrogen dioxide (NO2) of 40 micrograms per cubic meter of air.

The DHU has sued Hessen not only because of the clean air plan in Frankfurt, but also because of the plans for Darmstadt, Wiesbaden and Offenbach. These actions are to be negotiated at a later date. The same applies for actions brought against the clean air plans of Berlin, Cologne, Bonn, Mainz, Munich and some 20 cities whose air quality the applicable limit values.

The first diesel-driving bans in Germany were set in may of this year in Hamburg. Only two particular pollutant that affects a number of sections of road that are likely to be of diesel vehicles that do not comply with the Euro 6 emission standard loaded.

Also Stuttgart and Aachen were to be banned already committed to the court driving. Hamburg introduced as the first big city voluntarily after the Federal administrative court had made in February, the way for diesel driving bans.

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