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Hybrid means “of two different origins”. Hybrid cars are based on two different drive concepts, which are combined with each other. There are many different variations – the most important in the Overview.


Tom Grünweg

Tom Grünweg

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Monday, 22.11.2010
12:16 PM

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The authorities make it very simple: According to the official Definition of each car is available with two different power sources of a hybrid vehicle. That is true, is drives the very different nature of a Hybrid. Almost 15 years after the Toyota Prius is the first large series-production hybrid car came to the market, there are numerous drive concepts with the nickname “Hybrid”.

Accordingly, the confusion, even in the case of the manufacturers, as the recent debate about the Chevrolet Volt. Experts were arguing about whether or not it is the car to have an electric – or hybrid vehicles. SPIEGEL ONLINE explains in a large Overview of the main Hybrid variants and identifies the most popular cars that are equipped with the respective drive systems.

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  • 1. Part: Of serial to Parallel
  • 2. Part: Micro-Hybrid
  • 3. Part Of: Mild Hybrid
  • 4. Part: Full Hybrid
  • 5. Part: Parallel Hybrid
  • 6. Part: A Serial Hybrid
  • 7. Part: Diesel-Hybrid
  • 8. Part: Plug-In Hybrid
  • 9. Part: Kinetic Hybrid

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