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Only since 1956, when Section 54 of the road traffic licensing regulations came into force, include flashing equipment mandatory equipment of new cars in Germany. The component has proven its worth. Recently, also, and especially, as the optical effect of the car designs.

Friday, 07.11.2003
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At the beginning of the Winker: Mercedes-Benz type SSK, search lights and Winker

In the early days of the automotive age was just bent, Displaying a travel direction of change was still unknown. Needless, it was also because there were hardly cars on the bumpy roads. As the traffic was a little dense, came to a Turn to view the tracks of an arm in fashion. A procedure that is recommended today for Bicycle riders. Shortly thereafter, the Winker has been developed to detect A metal rod that worked from the body out, gave the direction in which the motorists wanted to draw. Even the philosopher Martin Heidegger in his work “being and time” (1927) with the direction indicators and found that the semiotic function of the Winkers as a “show stuff” is a context dependent specialization of the function of the Armausstreckens.

Possibly inspired by this Thesis, is specialized in the Bosch, the component further, and brought in 1928, for the first time, a Winker on the market, the electrical work magnetic. The driver operated a switch on the dashboard, waving an electro-magnet a is about 20 inches long Winkerarm in the Horizontal. As well as the extra brake lights in the twenties, the retrofit wink systems, drivers are extremely popular among the car. Part of the Winker had the Form of small arrows, and in part they were bent elegantly, and in part they were well-lighted.

Eyeliner: The BMW 7 series, the indicator is located as a narrow bar above the headlight

In the fifties, the Era of the Winker then went to the end. The StVZO allowed in a transitional period after 1956, until in 1961 the use of the Winker, but then the show was.
The yellow flashing light, as it is usual, prevailed. Meanwhile, the flashing lights on the left steering column lever, and a Central control device is activated. Actually, this technique works silently. The typical turn signal clack, derived earlier by the relay of the direction indicator, the car user, but so used that it is now produced artificially. Either from a specially installed sound relay, or from a small speaker in the dashboard.

Today, turn signals play, especially as a design element an important role. In the accessories trading, for example, belong to white, or darkened, flashing lights hits the sale. And if BMW, like the new 7er is the case, the front turn signal as a narrow light strip on the headlights, quickly comparing it with a eyeliner efforts and the “car face” as a result, more humanized. In the future, similar to the headlights, the turn signal lights in LED technology. The new Mercedes SLR McLaren, for example, carries in its rear lights turn signal elements with light-emitting diodes. The specialization of the function of the Armausstreckens, you might say, continues on forever.

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