German buy cars with more HP

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At the end of the drive feeling of The debate climate protection and traffic safety throttles in the case of the Germans, apparently, the desire for fast cars, shows a study.

All the discussions about climate protection and road safety, in Spite of not wanting to abandon the German high-performance cars. On The Contrary. According to a study by the purchased new cars in the past year had again more powerful than previously: EUR 153.4 HP.

This is in comparison to the previous year, a rise of 1.8 PS, or 1.2 percent, as Ferdinand Dudenhöffer from the CAR-Institute of the University of Duisburg-told to eat. Vehicles with diesel engines were equipped with a 168 average HP again significantly stronger than gasoline engine with 146 HP.

As more and more customers serious city-all-terrain vehicle (SUV) bought, also the values in the current year, with further increases average of the engine power to be expected, said Dudenhöffer. The Trend to more selling SUV for the decreasing market share for diesel vehicles. According to Duden Bonhoeffer evaluation of the diesel share will hold steady at around 30 percent of all new cars.

To the debate about a speed limit on German motorways, the expert opined, such a speed limit would not slow down the desire for powerful cars. Be document: Switzerland. Despite strict speed limits, the average new car is equipped with 170 PS. “The German auto industry should not be afraid of the speed limit,” said Dudenhöffer.


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