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In the evening, the coalition tips to negotiate about a concept against diesel driving bans. German manufacturer block remains retrofits, Volvo customers are allowed to hope, according to the MIRROR.

It is an inconspicuous administrative act that has been playing out since last Friday. A small automotive supply company by the name of Dr. Pley has submitted to the Kraftfahrt-Bundesamt (KBA) in Flensburg, the application for a General operating permit. But the Letter landed in the hands of the officials last week on the table, was anything but Routine. It is expected to unfold on Monday evening and even political impact in the Federal Chancellery in Berlin, where the Union and the SPD to negotiate over the pressing question of how to prevent diesel driving bans in German cities.

While the German manufacturers against Hardware lock retrofits, prepares for Volvo, according to the MIRROR, and the Bavarian radio (BR)for its customers with a retrofit offer, together with the Bamberger catalysts-manufacturer Dr. Pley. It is based on that technology, the Federal environment Minister, Svenja Schulze from the manufacturers for the car calls the owner free of charge, even Angela Merkel is inclined to this solution.

The cooperation of the Bamberg exhaust experts with Volvo is focused, obviously, on those Version of the SUV XC60, which has been sold by the year 2017 with the then-applicable emission standard Euro-5. The KBA did not want to comment on the request of LEVEL and BR.

Volvo speaks of a purely internal process

The engineer, Martin Pley has already equipped a number of cars for experimental purposes, with so-called SCR catalysts. There, the urea solution is injected, to make the toxic nitrogen oxide harmless. One of his attempt at a B-class from Mercedes is the car. The ADAC in Baden-Württemberg has reviewed its efficacy in a field trial.

It was “a purely internal process,” said a Volvo spokesman, at the request of the MIRROR. Once the coalition had taken the Committee a decision will Volvo a look at the “environment and in customer-specific solutions.” There is no questions of the price for the retrofit system, or a possible date when it will be offered, and Volvo had no opinion.

The speaker pointed out that his company has already offered a few months ago cars with the latest exhaust emission standard Euro 6d Temp. “Our company basically has a different Position and output position, as a number of other competitors,” said the Volvo spokesman. Volvo had already announced in the past year to develop new diesel engines and more.

Finally, the manufacturer’s liability problems led to the field

The premium manufacturer would bring the retrofit system on the market, he’d kill the German auto companies in a tight spot. Which had always been claimed that conversions are complicated and technically hardly feasible. So far, has stated that only Volkswagen to the public, for some models such as the Passat retrofitted with SCR catalysts. Finally, the manufacturer’s liability problems led to the field, the Federal government of dissuade, Hardware retrofit to the request of the company.

The Federal Minister of transport, Scheuer had used these arguments, the auto companies so far plenty of. Also at the top of the Federal government last Friday’s meeting in the Federal Chancellery, he renewed his criticism of the retrofit solution. Scheuer claimed so far, it at all no claims to the KBA on approval of such a retrofit system would be available. This has changed since Friday obviously.

In addition to a technical approval for the installation of the system, there also needs to be legal regulations, so that the converted car may then retract in the ban zones. Supposedly, Scheuer, need it by April 2020, until a suitable provision should be adopted.

Motorists should not have to pay

Currently focused Scheuer on the Negotiation of possible lucrative exchange premiums, with the owners of older vehicles new Car to buy. In the discussion of premiums in the value of several Thousand euros. This doesn’t help, however, customers have to buy something new enough Savings. The conversion could offer you the opportunity to continue to drive your car in the driving zones.

In particular, German Chancellor Angela Merkel and Hesse Minister-President Volker Bouffier want the legal conditions for these conversions from scouring; also, you do not want the motorist to pay for it.

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