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A assistance system, the stupid drivers, the Minister of transport in the “Today Journal” and a legendary rant: What brought our mobility editors 2018 chagrin – the Overview.



Friday, 28.12.2018
At 09:17

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Wake Up, Petrol Heads!

Among my Facebook friends, many people who earn their money in Two – and four-Wheeler industry is bustling. You bring more or less well-founded technical knowledge, but apparently not solid prejudices. These previously harmless professional Deformation is 2018 in the car mobile blood rush and bare hatred to the German environmental aid e. V transshipped. O-tone from my News Feed: “With exhaust gas!”

You do not need to like the name of the game or your legally guaranteed business model, but here, please, for the record, friends: The DUH has built not fraudulently vehicles, still in good Diesel good Faith bought. The we were. We don’t assassinate the Messenger.

PS: The angry request at the last CDU party Congress, the withdrawal of DUH the Status as a non-profit organization, is nonsensical. In addition, the competent tax authority decides alone according to legal criteria.

Interestingly, the CDU district Association of North württemberg, a gang of Swabian Petrol Heads, however, who has made the request:. In their veins the hot 10w50 flows instead of blood. Your honorary Chairman, Ex-Minister of transport Matthias Wissmann, who was until this year the chief lobbyist and President of the Association of the German automotive industry, VDA. Jochen Vorfelder


Germany’s most prominent car seller

“Then let’s go to the car dealer, woman Slomka, and see what options there are.” So wanted to the Federal Minister of transport, Andreas Scheuer (CSU), the ZDF presenter Marietta Slomka in “heute Journal” from diesel to compromise, convince, and convey a questionable official tasks version. Diesel drivers are affected by driving bans, would like to sell the Minister apparently prefers a new car, finally the car industry, Yes, 3000 Euro discount – the it granted, however, in the months before, anyway.

The Scheuer led the Federal Ministry of transport act in the year 2018, really everything, to act as Germany’s Supreme dealership. The Scheuer campaigned under the Federal motor vehicle office just before his “heute-Journal”-a statement in a letter for the exchange premiums of BMW, Daimler and VW, to ensure instead of finally for a tough sanctioning of the exhaust gas manipulation, and a quick Hardware upgrade. Scheuer and his Ministry made in the year 2018, who is with you in the first place: the average motorist can’t afford a new Diesel with the exhaust emission standard Euro-6d-Temp. Emil Nefzger


Procedure in the comfort zone

What modern cars can do anything, is impressive. They obey the word (“play’ Highway to Hell!”), travel to the destination independently to the car Park and regulate the temperature of the beverage holder on the 0.5 degree accuracy. The manufacturer call this progress, and you will not be tired, for tomorrow and the day after for more of the blessings of the all-round digitalization . About the trunk as a pack station, the restaurant recommendation from the Cloud, and anyway a machine that does all the driving. May all of this occurs sometime as well.

However, it is of interest to the people? Or should we be with the digital promises, only distracted from the real problems, the solution of which the industry denies, but that would actually mean progress? Why would no one a really light, sleek, clean car without hocus-pocus? A really clever small car? Or at least a model with a friendly, approachable look? The well deserved the label “disruptive”. By Jürgen Pander


Herbert Diess

Debt, the others are always

As a “campaign against the individual mobility, and thus against the car” referred to VW-in-chief, Herbert Diess , in October 2018, the discussion on CO2 limits, the exhaust gas test, the WLTP and the driving bans in German cities. Diess-liked seems to be in the victim role: That of the CO2 limit of 95 grams of CO2 per Kilometer, starting in 2021, already in the beginning of 2014 of the EU, it was decided that the car manufacturer has had seven years to reach him – he left just under the table.

The same game to the new exhaust test, the WLTP. Also known for years, but instead to make the necessary technical changes in the fleet to introduce the manufacturer to prevent your energy in lobbying, the WLTP or mitigate – in the end without success. VW was prepared for most of the German manufacturers seem to be bad, which led to a number of problems in the group. Christian Frahm

Tom Grünweg


At first glance, the effect of the automatic reversing aid in new BMW models, very clever. Cars like the Threesome, the X5 or the Eighth note is always and everywhere the last 50 to 100 meters of the journey. At the push of a button, you can rinse this track the same way again – in reverse. Anyone who has driven, for example, in a car Park, the electronics freed without sweat and scratches from the clamp.

In principle, this is of course not bad. And admittedly, the first encounter with The reversing aid, a Test was impressive. Elegant the with the System-equipped sedan curled backwards through a tyre stack closely-defined harassment, without the rubber towers shook. But at the end of this stroke of genius of the developers is a poverty certificate for the driver Who can escape from a dilemma, in which he himself has ranked, the better to give up the driver’s license. Tom Grünweg


Max slept through

Have known him for all of the car manufacturers, the date for the changeover to the new fuel consumption certification in accordance with the WLTP cycle: 1. September 2018. Just don’t have him (almost) all so seriously, and the effort required for the changeover is hugely underestimated. The result is that Many non-certified new cars were no longer allowed to be sold thousands of pre-produced models are stockpiled. Other models were simply deleted from the offer. The Disadvantage of the customer. He could not order the vehicle in question or had to sometimes take several months longer delivery times. By Michael Specht

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