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The Federal government wants to see in two years a Million electric cars on Germany’s roads. The goal is not to keep an important Advisory body.

The official electric car-goal of Federal government is to create according to high level consultants. It will not be able to bring by 2020 to a Million battery vehicles on the German roads, writes the National platform for electric mobility (NPE) in its progress report in 2018. Expected that the brand will be reached only in 2022. The NPE presented the paper on Wednesday, German Chancellor Angela Merkel (CDU).

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At the beginning of 2018 110.615 pure electric cars and Plug went according to the platform just-in-Hybrid on local roads. Up to and including August, the authorities have admitted, according to the Kraftfahrt-Bundesamt for additional 45.422 such cars. In international comparison, the Autoland Germany is also the E-car share, far behind countries such as China, Sweden and Norway, where electric mobility, some of which are politically stronger will be promoted.

“We need to be honest with you: Despite all the progress, things take a little longer than we thought, eight years ago,” said Merkel. For the coming years the Chancellor was, however, optimistic and pointed to a growing range of E-car models and Expansion of charging network.

Several reasons for E-Auto inhibit-paragraph

The NPE observed in the E-car market in Germany for eight years and makes recommendations for the Federal government. In 2010, she had spent the estimate that, by 2020, a Million E-roll cars on local roads. The Federal government had made this his own. Already longer no more, however, that the goal is achieved.

As a retardant for the diffusion of electric cars for various reasons. The cars are comparatively expensive to buy in the past, only a few models. The range of a battery charge did not approach for a long time to a tank of fuel. At the same time, charging stations are missing in many places.


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