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Now it is the Diesel, but in concrete terms, The government has developed a solution concept, which is the MIRROR. In it Hardware retrofits and a buy-back program of the manufacturers demands.

The Federal government sets surprisingly in the diesel crisis – and also includes Hardware retrofits. Transport Minister, Andreas Scheuer (CSU) has worked on behalf of German Chancellor Angela Merkel a concept that driving is to avoid bans, and customers compensate. The paper is the MIRROR and the research team of the Bavarian broadcasting company.

“Mobility programme for NO2-reduction”, so sober is the title. Seven main points it includes, a point that is for the drivers of particular interest: “options for the citizens”, and below is the concept with which the German Chancellor is on the last Sunday in the negotiations with the bosses of the three German car manufacturers have gone.

Hardly any other topic has this week, the government district in Berlin is stronger than the question of how it should be prohibited with the drive for a diesel. Frantically, the ministries, the Chancellery and the auto industry have been negotiating since the summit meeting at the weekend. The pressure on politicians has become huge, the diesel drivers to offer a solution of what to do with your of a loss in Value of affected vehicles.

Three options to offer to the Federal government, according to the paper.

Manufacturers to buy back the diesel vehicles

As the first is a way called, the stuff, the used car market for Diesel in the next few months, literally turn around: corporations are vehicles of the Euro 4 and 5 of the owners buy it back. “This measure can start immediately at maximum effectiveness,” write the government officials.

In the calculation of the repurchase price, the manufacturer will replace the customer the “time value” of the car, the results from the dealer sales price, as he finds himself in the Schwacke list. To do this, there should be a “loss of value-compensation due to the diesel crisis”, in the amount of 20 percent. Overall, diesel owners are likely to achieve a price that is far above the one they would achieve on the used market at present for your car.

Offers are valid only for few cities

This action should not exist, however, for the whole country, but only in so-called “intense cities”, together with adjacent counties. Including the government understands those municipalities in which the nitrogen oxide emissions in more than 55 micrograms per cubic meter of air.

These cities have no Chance to come up with other measures, such as conversion programs of city buses under the limit value of 40 micrograms.

The Federal government is one of nine cities, such as Munich, Stuttgart, Düsseldorf or Cologne. Frankfurt is to be taken according to the paper, in addition, in the category of “intense cities”, which is obviously a concession to the Prime Minister of Hesse Volker Bouffier (CDU), had urged the Chancellor in recent weeks, loudly to a solution to the diesel issue.

Also interesting is the border, which have drawn the Ministry’s for the surrounding counties around the “intense cities”. This is located at a Radius of 70 kilometres from the city centre. He should, however, apply also only for people who “have an employment relationship in the city”, – stated in the government’s approach. Potentially come to the action of buying therefore, a total of 1.38 million vehicles in question.

Industry to introduce new exchange premiums

The second Option for the diesel driver should re-conversion of old diesel vehicles with new, actually low-emission vehicles – diesel or electric cars. It further argued that “the industry holds attractive promotions for the customers, in order for a transition to a modern vehicle can be done with the Euro-6”, – stated in the concept.

The auto industry is responsible for the design of this Option is largely for myself. The previously praised “environmental premiums,” were moved to the diesel customers are only liable in the case of Volkswagen to mass exchange, in the case of other manufacturers such as BMW, they were a Flop.

Also retrofitting with SCR-catalyst is a possible Option

For all the diesel drivers who want to keep your car, comes the third Option into the game. The retrofitting of the vehicle with a so-called SCR catalytic Converter, a significant reduction in nitrogen oxide emissions. It should be “manufacturer obtained a grant in the amount of 80 per cent,” the paper from the Chancellor’s office. Then a sentence that will make a big protests, but follows: “20 percent of the cost of the Hardware upgrade would have to be borne by the user.” The estimated costs of 3000 Euro, 600 Euro would be.

For the manufacturer, the government summed up the cost of this measure to a maximum of 3.3 billion euros. However, in Berlin it is estimated that only 20 percent of the potentially 1.38 million diesel drivers will choose the conversion option, which is why “the actual amount will be reduced to 662 million euros”.

Hardware upgrade before 2020

Also for the third Option, Only the driver applies in the nine “intense cities”, plus Frankfurt, including a 70-kilometre Radius of ums, the centre could require the manufacturers of the conversion. This measure should be regulated legislatively, and by the European Union’s blessing, which is why “with a beginning of the Hardware-retrofit measures can only be expected from April to 2020”, – stated in the government paper.

The Federal Minister of transport, Andreas Scheuer (CSU), whose house has done the groundwork for the Diesel-paper, is moved away from its negative attitude to Hardware retrofits. He therefore tried to make especially the first two options repurchase and conversion in the foreground. “My priority is to 1, the diesel owner can trade in your old car in a cleaner vehicle,” he said on Tuesday in Munich.

The consent of the manufacturer is questionable

Has had positioned themselves, German Chancellor Angela Merkel, who in questions of Hardware-retrofit internally to the very end. The Federal environment Minister, Svenja Schulze (SPD) could count as well to the winners of the diesel debate if the concept of the government against the manufacturer to enforce. She had demanded for months Hardware retrofits. Resistance, it announced, however, that motorists are expected to support 20 percent of the cost. “I expect that the Minister of transport to present a concept that the manufacturer takes in the duty and not the diesel driver,” she said on Tuesday.

It is questionable, whether the auto manufacturer to participate in the concept of government. In individual meetings with the group heads of the Minister of transport Scheuer these days is trying to move you. Time is of the essence. At a coalition summit at the beginning of next week a decision is to be made. The Chancellor would like to show to the quarrels of the past few weeks, to the protection of the Constitution President Hans-Georg Maaßen, the breakthrough for the Diesel, this government is still capable of action.

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