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Several industry associations call for the General registration of trucks weighing up to 44 tonnes. Of the government, they have got a collection.

The Federal government leans more to the heavier load of cars on German roads. The General admission of 44-Tonners do not come “because of the disproportionately higher burden of road infrastructure”, informed the Federal Ministry of transport.

Previously, 13 organisations – including the steel industry Association, the Association of the Chemical industry and the petroleum industry Association – had asked to be allowed to Truck always heavy loaded. So far, the truck including the load may only weigh up to 44 tons, if your goods in the back part of the way on the Rail, or on the water. For pure road transport, the maximum limit of 40 tons. To encourage shippers to ship more goods to more environmentally friendly modes of transport rail and inland waterway.

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The associations see it differently: There a total of less teams would have to be sent, if this is likely to be more heavily loaded. Several million Truck-trips a year save. This reduces fuel consumption and CO2 emissions would fall. “The transport sector would make a significant contribution to achieving the climate targets.”

Many companies have been complaining of for a long time, lack of cargo space is on the market to all their goods quickly transport. The increase to 44 tonnes would be from the point of view of the associations is a good step to mitigate this Problem.

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From the point of view of the Ministry of transport equality, however, would be environmentally counterproductive. “Thus, the (…) incentives for the use of the climate would be rail-friendly freight and inland waterway transports cancelled”, – stated in the answer of the German Federal Ministry of transport as a reason.

Environmentalists were relieved on the attitude of Berlin. “The approximation of the maximum of the weights would be a setback for the combined transport,” says Arne fur man from the environmental protection organisation BUND. As a result, the road transport would be more attractive for the transport industry – and this in turn would be bad for the climate protection.

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