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For around 35,000 Euro six-cylinder in VR arrangement.
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Horex is being revived and presented to the VR6 Raw as a modern twelve-hundreds. Three camshafts, and 18 valves for a hurricane.

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          At the beginning of October, a little evil looking bike at the Cologne Intermot had its Premiere, and now we were able to drive the VR6 Raw, the motorcycle brand Horex already. For around 35 000 Euro six-cylinder in VR arrangement. From 1200 cubic centimeter engine displacement, the machine creates 163 HP at 9300 Rpm. Anyone who has followed the Horex Comeback in the past few years, knows the difficulties of this challenging project: in 2010, the Munich-based engineering and IT specialists newly founded Horex GmbH revealed its intention to activate the 1960 liquidated Horex brand and bring it to 2012, a twelve hundred with a VR6 engine on the market.

          The production of the technically stripped-down VR6 starts 2013 in Augsburg, Germany, and ends, after many problems and nearly 250 vehicles built on 1. November 2014. The bankruptcy weighs heavy for the once-famous name Horex. The Ur-plant in Bad Homburg.

          The entrepreneur Karsten Jerschke from Landsberg on the Lech, not scare you. In February 2015, he acquires Horex, and will start production in the spring of 2016 once again. This year, the Euro-4 was achieved-Homologation, and, most recently Horex is in possession of a key number of the force travel Federal office. Now the VR6 Raw on the road. After a few kilometers of travel, it proves to be affable buddy. The acoustically dominant engine responds even in the tamer of the two driving modes directly and perfectly predictable. The presence and precision of the throttle response is set at a high level, but still challenging.

          The longer the exit on südbayer of land granted to roads and the more the driver trust, the clearer it becomes that The Horex VR6 is a motorcycle for can channels. In the lower speed range is absolutely authentic and cultured, mutated by the Raw at about half throttle, about 5000 Rpm, to the floor, yell and scream at open throttle. The thrust is brutal. Three camshafts, and 18 valves for a hurricane, its intensity to the happiness of the driver’s Hand to decide.

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          The steps up to the cross, holds up to the Use of the speed limiter in amazing 10 300 tours, but reached the maximum performance is already a thousand Rpm earlier. Power consuming of the Operation of the clutch device. It consists of friction plates, which are commonly used in race bikes and is easy to dispense, strained by prolonged journey but the Tendons and muscles of the left Hand. The right has it’s brake, however, in view of the radial two fingers. The six-speed gearbox is easy and precise to operate. A control wizard should be available in the spring, as well as an automatic turn signal reset.

          Apart from these two the moment not available equipment details of the VR6 Raw is technically at the height of the time: Ride-by-Wire, traction control, ABS, LED headlights, forged wheels – it’s all on Board, what you find in prestigious large-scale manufacturers. Of very fine Brembo brakes, and even finer Ohlins-not to mention the suspension. A good impression behind the 7-inch Display in TFT-technology. It is a glass surface and a clear design convinces with high light intensity.

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          240 kilograms from the data sheet of the Horex VR6 Raw, for a twelve hundred with a six cylinders, amazing little. The low weight is expensive and wants to be paid for by the customer accordingly, for this Horex is full of carbon All the trim parts, also painted either black gloss or matte, are made from CFRP, similarly, the chain guard, the lamp mask and the rear frame. Reward the effort and the careful suspension tuning is an excellent handiness.

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